"Generation Award" Winners Announcement

At the award ceremony for the “INNO Generation Awards”, held on October 24, 2018, we announced the winners of the [Generation Award] and the Special Company Award. Please see below.

■ Field

① Seeing something in a new way



A service that measures "viewing quality" instead of TV ratings

Reason for selection
Introducing a human body recognition algorithm that can visualize the true nature of a viewer's response, as well as taking on new technology and mechanism collaborations.

② Hearing something in a new way

Kazuhiro Nakadai


A drone that uses sound to detect the location of someone in need of rescue -Technology that can help rescue people quickly in the event of a disaster-

Reason for selection
There are many different ways to use drones to provide assistance during disasters, but this focuses on drones' weak point, "sound," and proposes a new approach to improve it.

③ Concerning Touch

Team 7 from N High School Ochanomizu Campus


Biological Park where you can touch extinct animals using MR (mixed reality)

Reason for selection
Combining MR technology and the sense of touch, they proposed the idea of ​​trying to touch something that does not have a physical presence. There could be extensibility that could be applied to simulation in future innovation.

Takaoka Naoka


Qoobo: A cushion therapy robot with a tail

Reason for selection
A new approach at implementing a healing effect by limiting focus on the "tail", by using touch and sight. She's working on this idea as well making it into a business.

④Concerning Smell

Scentee Inc.


World's first next-generation room diffuser with AI technology

Reason for selection
Communicating with the sense of smell, which has long been forgotten in human civilization, has been revitalized in a new form by combining everyday smartphones with AI technology.

⑤Concerning Taste

Kenta Nakamura


Anytime, anywhere, forever: an IoT platform service where anyone can enjoy alcohol for a lifetime

Reason for selection
Contributions to society can be made by analyzing the sensation of "drunkenness" from various angles using sensing technology and applying it to the real world. It can also be applied to evaluate taste.

⑥Delivering something somewhere

KOKUYO Co., Ltd.


"Homework Motivational Pen (tentative)," IoT stationery to help children's writing habits.

Reason for selection
Combining the "pen," a tool used by scholars since long ago, and the action of "writing" with communication technology, it's expected that children can be independently encouraged to take on the challenge of writing by themselves.

⑦Widely Expanding

Teruaki Tsubokura


Fantasy diorama

Reason for selection
By expanding upon "playing with cars," something every small child has experience with, the further fostering of their creativity is possible.

⑧Change Time

Hideyuki Hosaka


Field printer

Reason for selection
In order to provide a solution to the stress of white line marking that many of us may have experienced as a kid, at first glance what seems like a waste of technology comes to be realized as the cornerstone of this technology's development.

⑨Reach New Heights

Ryman Sat project


Activities to expand space development from a new angle, even without specialized knowledge or technology related to space development

Reason for selection
We appreciate the efforts as an example of being able to take on space development even if you are not an expert

⑩Connecting something/somewhere/someone

Genetec Corporation


"Kokodayo" (I'm here) a disaster prevention application that delivers the latest family location information in conjunction with emergency earthquake bulletins.

Reason for selection
By combining location and weather, it is able to accurately collect information in the event of a disaster and connect to a partner in the event of an emergency.

■ Special Award for Cooperating and Supporting Companies

IACE Travel Inc.

Masahiro Okuda


IT concierge service that connects Muslim travelers with the region using images

Reason for selection
While the number of foreign visitors to Japan continues to grow, there are still many challenges when considering sustainable growth. We appreciate that these winners are using IT to eliminate the information gap among Muslim tourists that have not yet gotten used to the surrounding area.
Through this service, we hope that many Muslim travelers will experience the charm of Japan and become repeat visitors.

Access Trade Center Co., Ltd.

Kazuhiro Nishida


Promote health in the VR world

Reason for selection
Because health promotion is an important issue, there is a tendency to use more advanced technologies.
The technologies listed here are currently cutting-edge. Since they are in the mainstream of technological innovation, we can expect them to expand their uses and derive new technologies in the future.

Willer Inc.

Shuhei Sato


Women-only seats on airplanes

Reason for selection
The fact that "female-only seats" in the aviation industry has not been addressed is surprising. This proposal is based on the concept of "creating innovation through mobility". As a company that promotes solutions to customer issues, we sympathize with people all over the world who have "I wish I could..." feelings.

HRK Co., Ltd.

ROX Inc.


AI development for predicting the number of visitors

Reason for selection
If visitor forecasts are to become a reality, approximately 2.842 million tons of food waste and 6.46 million tons of food loss annually will be drastically reduced and the appropriate allocation of human resources (such as part-time workers), and significant cost cuts are expected. This is a dream-like idea that can be used to further expand the floating costs into an investment for expansion.

S&B Foods Inc.

Erika Inoue


Net recipe commercialization project

Reason for selection
While studying UGC-based marketing within the department, she came to the examination as a co-sponsoring company of this program and proposed that "consumers have a lot of menus they want to commercialize, but they do not how to." Recognizing that the dice were thrown at our company, we decided to create a place for commercialization based on UGC and received the S&B Award.

NTS Corporation

Takuya Mizoguchi


Text Emotion!

Reason for selection
Originating in Japan, 'Emoji' is derived from Japanese words for picture (e) and character (moji)
Although text messages tend to be inorganic; the convenient "Emoji", which displays expressions and feelings while creating a fun atmosphere, is now commonly used around the world.
Text Emotion!, like "Emoji", is expected to be used worldwide as a tool to convey emotions not only limited to Japan.

NTT Data Corporation

Melody International Co., Ltd.


Giving peace of mind and safety to new mothers giving birth around the world! “Melody i” i”

Reason for selection
A solution that delivers safe and secure births to mothers around the world has been implemented with easy-to-use devices. We selected this because we strongly empathize through our company's philosophy of contributing to society as a whole through user-friendly systems.

FM Osaka Co., Ltd.

Ai Hiramatsu


Save time! Time killing app

Reason for selection
Various apps are automatically installed and lined up on the smartphone screen.
The AI ​​manages and ​​proposes effective usage at that time.
It would be convenient to have an app like this.
Radio, YouTube, music, and laughter all in one app...
An era like this will be coming soon.

Obun Printing Co., Ltd.

Yuji Fujii


Possibility of language learning for hearing-impaired children by making captions for commentary broadcasts for the visually impaired

Reason for selection
Obun Printing Co., Ltd. is developing new solutions that will expand the quality of life for the visually impaired and other people with disabilities.
We thought that the "possibility of language learning for hearing-impaired children by making captions for commentary broadcasts for the visually impaired" could be a learning method with new possibilities. Therefore, we wanted to support this service.

Catalyna Co., Ltd.

Takako Yamada


IoT ☆ Nose Glasses

Reason for selection
Targeting odor problems that are difficult to directly tell someone, such as cigarettes or age-related body odors, I want to use the party favor "nose glasses" (Groucho glasses), not only to get a big laugh but to support gutsy ideas with practical functions using IoT.

Karada Note Co., Ltd.

Shota Kawahara


Mental control using heart sounds

Reason for selection
In line with our vision to support family health and increase smiles, we sympathized with the discovery of improving the state of mental health with heart sounds.
Controlling the mental state of mind using heart sounds is likely to be used in the area of ​​childcare x technology = “Childcare Tech”, which we advocate and are looking forward to.

Kubireya Co., Ltd.

Xenoma Inc.


e-skin: IoT clothing that can track user movements with the comfort of ordinary clothing

Reason for selection
Kubireya Co., Ltd. supports healthy and high-performance living through training and body care.
The smart apparel "e-skin" will be a strong ally of next-generation health and rehabilitation management. We hope this idea can be realized, and so we support it.

CGL Inc.

Norihiko Omiya


Visualization of donations (traceability)

Reason for selection
Donation activities in Japan are not as advanced as in Europe and the United States due to the lack of tax incentives and the lack of religious donations.
We are backing this proposal for the purpose of promoting interest in donations.
To achieve this, we will award this proposal because it seems possible to collaborate with new technologies such as blockchain and IoT.

Sosu Co., Ltd.

HA-PPY Co., Ltd


Smart electric toothbrush

Reason for selection
Sosu Co., Ltd. develops new products that can be enjoyed with interchangeable parts.
The idea of being able to look inside your mouth at places you can't see by yourself while brushing your teeth is both practical and fun.
We thought that this toothbrush would add a sense of accomplishment and pleasure to brushing and would improve both tooth health and whiteness.

Time World Co., Ltd.

Takao Tsuchiya


Dry cell battery operated air conditioner

Reason for selection
Time World Co., Ltd. is the first manufacturer in Japan to manufacture oxygen capsules which have become well known amongst athletes.
The best effect of oxygen capsules is that if you sleep in an oxygen capsule for 2 hours, it will have the same effect as sleeping for 5-6 hours.
We support this idea as we hope that air conditioners that operate on dry cells can be easily brought into oxygen capsules.

DaVinci-Brains Inc.



Sake cup that recalls the memory of sake (Taste)

Reason for selection
DaVinci-Brains Inc. has discovered a new technology that can create a third ware they call "Feelware" that combines sensibility with hardware and software.
This idea was a true feelware proposal that combines the five senses and technology, the "deep emotions of re-experience".
We support the transmission that will stimulate taste memories to the world!

Medical Corporation Welfare Association Takasu Hospital

Jiksak Bioengineering Co., Ltd.


Challenge to eliminate ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis)

Reason for selection
ALS, one of the designated intractable diseases, has a high incidence in the elderly, and the number of patients has increased 3.7 times in the past 30 years and is expected to increase in the future. With the aging of society going forward, the award is given to improve ALS awareness and to support the success of researchers who are working to develop therapeutics for ALS.

Takara Tomy Arts Inc.

Shingo Higashi


Hole leading to Brazil

Reason for selection
The Takara Tomy Arts Award has been selected based on the idea of making the life scene fun. The "Hole leading to Brazil" sympathizes with the eccentric and fun idea of digging a whole to the other side of the earth in everyday situations, as well as giving a prize for evaluating the ability to create a device.

T-Gaia Co., Ltd.



Pokke: A multilingual audio guide app

Reason for selection
T-Gaia Co., Ltd. operates a mobile phone shop and a smartphone accessory shop and provides a settlement service business.
As the number of foreign visitors to Japan has surged and the demand for inbound tourists has increased, they were selected because this project could solve both the problem of insufficient interpreters and tour guides at once.

Knowledge Capital

Haruhiko Shirai


Wearable power generation sensor fabric

Reason for selection
This led to sensing technology that could contribute to the realization of a smart city in the future.
The reason for the selection was that further development and demonstration experiments are expected through collaboration with Knowledge Capital and participating companies.

Nihon Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Eiichiro Honma


Interpreter volunteer discovery application using beacon technology

Reason for selection
We think this is a groundbreaking idea that uses a technically established beacon to easily connect those who need it with those who want to.
There are many issues, but we decided to select one because it was a fun project to be put into practical use for the latest 2020 Olympics.

Research Institute for the Future of Society (RIFJ)

Spectee Co., Ltd.


Spectee: a SNS real-time bulletin service

Reason for selection
A service that uses AI to automatically collect images, videos, and texts from accidents and disasters, etc., It is highly public, innovative, practical, and has a high potential for future development.
We also chose it as a system that could have collaboration with the policy information analysis system provided by Japan Mirai Lab.

Nextwel Co., Ltd.

Madoka Takahara


Possibility of distance education to expand freedom and improve the quality of life for physically disabled people

Reason for selection
Nextwel Co., Ltd. operates welfare web media and outsources work to people with disabilities nationwide to change the current situation with an average monthly income of 15,000 yen for those with disabilities.
It seems that many people will be able to fulfill their desires to “work” and “connect with others”: the creation of a system where disabled people provide value to the world and more people become taxpayers. We look forward to the future potential for innovation and support this proposal.


Shinko Shoji Co., Ltd.


"AIplay-Info", a contactless future interface

Reason for selection
It is an innovative technology related to human touch, similar to the Information Revolution relation to human perception, because it is filled with a sense of the future and has infinite possibilities.

Freestyle Inc.

Vivid Garden Co., Ltd.


Tabe Choku: a marketplace where you can buy organic produce directly from farmers

Reason for selection
Although organic vegetables are more expensive than ordinary vegetables, their sales and shipments are increasing year on year because they are simple and nutritious.
Under such circumstances, the service "Tabe Choku", which allows you to directly connect with the farmers and ship the vegetables harvested the same day in the shortest time, is attractive and we are convinced that it will be useful to more people in the future.

FURYU Corporation

MINT Co., Ltd.


mjnt: An app that gives unique "points" to users to express gratitude and automatically distributes them according to the actions of the fans

Reason for selection
FURYU operates a specialty store for print stickers called “Girls Mignon”.
While creating a store that customers would like to go to, we sympathized with this work, which deepened the relationship between the point issuer and customers. Issuance of points by an ID that takes into account not only urban areas but also local areas was one of the deciding factors for selection.

Mirai Works Co., Ltd.

Grooves Inc.


Skill Shift: Local Contribution Sideline Project

Reason for selection
As a "company that promotes new ways of working," we provide business matching services and job change support for freelance professionals. Many of the projects are specialized in “upstream processes” such as planning, research, analysis, etc., and there is something that is similar to the world view of “SkillShift”. Many of the registrants of our main service, "FreeConsultant.jp", are highly interested in regional revitalization. We felt that this project was a highly contributing project for the future of Japan, connecting such talented human resources with local companies. Increasing the choice of working styles plays an important role even in the labor shortage, which is a problem in Japan. It is important, and expected, to spread the idea of "full-time permanent employees" and expand the range of "new working styles".

Maincast Inc.

Ridilover Inc.


Providing a “journey” to discover social issues

Reason for selection
Our company holds events for dogs with the slogan “Let's play all day with dogs”.
Recently, the number of pet owners who want to contribute to society with their beloved dogs is increasing, and we often hear them saying "while having fun with your dog".
By combining the ideas of Ridilover, we felt the possibility of realizing that idea.