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Wanted: Extraordinarily Ambitious Ideas,
Technologies and Geeks!

The INNO-vation Program has been designed to create new, disruptive, and global value in the ICT (*) field by supporting extraordinarily ambitious technological ideas with great possibilities.

The Program aims to support bold ideas by creative thinkers who, unfettered by conventional wisdom and unafraid of failure, are able to think outside of the box and to take action in order to create something from nothing – we call them “hen” (a Japanese word meaning strange or unusual). It also aims to create an environment in which further ideas can grow by bringing these innovators together.

Over the course of human history, it has always been these creative thinkers who have brought about breakthrough and disruptive innovation through their willingness to take on extraordinarily ambitious technical challenges. The INNO-vation Program operates on the belief that these creative thinkers should be supported to think, create and work freely, as they are the key to creating a new future for Japan.

*ICT: Information and Communication Technology

Open Call for Participants

Application period
Wednesday 1 July 2020
6:00PM (JST) Monday 31 August 2020

Applications are now closed.
Thank you for all your applications!

Applications are now closed.
Thank you for all your applications!

Support for your Disruptive Proposal
Disruptive Challenge

A call for ambitious technological challenges that create a "seed of disruptive innovation" in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) field.
As society and industry approach the new normal, a turning point in civilization under the turbulent veil of COVID-19, and in response to the immense change brought about by it, we call upon those who boldly take on new challenges without the fear of failure.

Challenge Period: Maximum of 1 year. There is a possibility of early advancement.

Funding Amount: Maximum of up to ¥3,000,000

・Upon completion of the challenge, those who are certified as "INNO-β" will receive support for global deployment.


Noble Commendations from our Cooperative Partners!
Generation Award

In the ICT field, we award
・A small but interesting idea that nobody has conceived before
・Cutting edge technologies, even without knowing the best way to utilize them
・Discoveries you wish to make reality
and more!
The emergence of people and companies, who can use your small, everyday ideas or your peculiar technology in unexpected ways, may be the first step in changing the world.

・From our cooperative partners, there will be Category Award Supplementary Prizes (200,000 yen) and Special Corporate Awards (not set) provided.
・Those proposals nominated for the awards (185 from last year) will be given the opportunity to implement their ideas in cooperation with these partnering companies!


Supporting Community Innovation
INNO-vation Network Hub

We are looking for organizations to work within a cooperative capacity to manage the "INNO-vation Network Hub", which will serve as a base for the activities of individuals from their respective regions. A place where individuality is respected and learning by yourself is encouraged.
The INNO-vation Network Hub aims to nurture the seeds of INNO-vation and will work alongside the INNO-vation executing agency achieve this goal.


INNO-vation Program

Support Through Various Programs

Within our world, the quest for knowledge has evolved searching for what is already known and has burst into the future of discovering the unknown. Breaking beyond what existing AI can achieve, creating a new 1 from a state of 0.As the atmosphere for exciting new challenges brews, so does the INNO-vation Program support various new challenges.

INNO-vation Program
INNOvation program


InnoUvators are people who challenge without fear of failure.
This site introduces the technology born of their challenges.



KADOKAWA ASCII Research Laboratories, Inc., INNO-vation Executing Agency

By phone
Phone:+81 3-5840-7629 Hours: Monday to Friday (excluding holidays) 10am-6pm

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Depending on the contents of the inquiry, it may take some time to respond.
Thank you in advance for your understanding.
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