Disruptive Challenge

In order to clarify the path of the “Ambitious Technical Goal”,
every challenger will receive support through their own made-to-order system.

The INNO Disruptive Challenge is separated into a 2-step process.

0 to 1 Challenge

The 0 to 1 Challenge is an opportunity to put your ideas to the test and experiment in lighting up the path towards realization (your “Ambitious Technical Goal”), without fear of failure.
Freely set your own time period and budget (time period up to 4 months; budget up to ¥1,000,000) and set your sights toward the Disruptive Challenge. At any time, through self-assessment and your own judgment, you may submit a request to the executing agency to advance to the Disruptive Challenge. Upon passing this selection, you may advance to the Disruptive Challenge.
Up to 4 months
Support amount: Up to ¥1,000,000.

Disruptive Challenge

Press onward toward your “Ambitious Technical Goal”. The 0 to 1 Challenge's time period and support budget are deducted from the overall time and budget limit of one year and ¥3,000,000, respectively. (For example, the earlier the 0 to 1 Challenge is completed, the longer the time period for the Disruptive Challenge becomes).
You will be able to take a graduation assessment at that time.
Period: Up to maximum of 1 year (including the 0 to 1 challenge)
Support amount: Up to a total of ¥3,000,000 (including the 0 to 1 Challenge)

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