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Cooperation details and desired ideas for applicants to the INNO-vation Program
Company A We believe that there is creative talent and innovative technology that ranges from those that can be commercialized in the short and medium term, to those that consider commercialization from a long-term perspective.
Within these categories, we aim to incubate this talent and technology to nurture a win-win relationship in the form of synergizing business and co-creating commercialization.
The specifics of these relationships depend on the talent and technology itself, but alongside business leaders, we aim to consider a variety of cooperative initiatives to lead to joint business opportunities, business model assistance, offering of workplace environments and marketing support.
In addition, we believe there will be a number of opportunities for business incubation and collaboration with other mid to large sized companies. We hope for new and creative ideas to flourish into businesses and services, including media and content.
Company B 1. Provision of network infrastructure systems.
2. Provision of infrastructure systems.
3. Financial Support.
Good ideas are eligible for financial support.
If the technology is advanced, much like the 3D printer was ahead of its time, you may be eligible for support even if it is not yet profitable. Games, robots, and 3D printing are already on this path, so please refer to those technologies.
We are also fascinated by interesting people and ideas.
Company C Depending on the project, it is possible for joint development, and in some cases, proof of concepts can also be considered.
We would like ideas such as those related to new entertainment and lifestyle contents utilizing the interactivity of IPTV (Internet Protocol Television), etc.
Company D Collaborate with our business, provide technological development, joint research, etc.
Anything related to programming and/or games is acceptable.
Network technology is especially desirable.
Company E Information exchange, joint development, and any other collaborations with our R&D/planning departments are possible.
We hope to collaborate and develop new and original technologies, especially in the areas of multimedia and communication.
Examples of these types of technologies are natural language processing, big data analysis, organizational behaviour analysis, robots, multimedia, etc.
Company F We would like ideas from the entire entertainment field.
We have experience with researchers, data, provision of facilities, etc.
If we take particular interest in the technological proposal, support and joint-development is also possible.
Company G We want to support the development of new technology.
Our core technology has a proven track record of providing samples of functional coatings and adhesive films.