INNO Masters

Advance toward your Ambitious Technical Goal!

Upon being recognized as a graduate of the Program, you will then be authorized as an INNO-β (official recognition from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications as hen (unusual)) and will join the INNO-Masters.
The INNO-Masters are a group of individuals that receive global-scale support for their activities. It is an initiative to support the relentless INNO-β, those who continue to follow their remarkable "Ambitious Technical Goal" and dream of one day changing the world.

To provide global-scale transmission for INNO-β technology and information, opportunities for support will be provided in the form of professionally made videos, mass/social media transmission, international exhibitions, offers from organizations, and legal/financial/intellectual property rights support. In this era of a "new normal" INNO-βs will receive various kinds of support to promote global-scale activities.

Examples of Support with INNO Masters

Global-Scale Transmission
Professionally made promotional videos, as well as mass and social media support. Let's reach out to 1 million unique users together!
International Exhibitions
Support with presenting at international exhibitions with overseas cooperation from our cooperative partners.
Professional Support
(Intellectual Property rights and patents)
Support from legal, financial, and intellectual property experts and enterprises.