Terms of Service

Concerning Copyright

1. Regarding the use of this website's content

The information published on this website (hereby referred to as "content") may be freely reproduced, transmitted, translated, or otherwise modified for personal or commercial use in accordance with points 1 through 7 stated below.
In addition, numerical data as well as simplified graphs and charts are not subject to copyright and may be used freely without adherence to these terms.
Use of content is considered an agreement to these terms.

1) Regarding the citation of sources

(a) When using content from this website, you must properly cite the source. Please cite as follows.
(Citation example)
Source: INNO-vation Home Page (https://www.inno.go.jp/en/)

(b) When editing or otherwise modifying content from this website, you must state that the content has been edited or modified in addition to properly citing the source as stated above. Furthermore, when editing or otherwise modifying content from this website, no representation must be made that the content was created by any particular country, government, or ministry.
(Example of edited or modified content citation)
20xx Technological Proposal Finalist (INNO-vation home page); ABC Co., Ltd.

2) Preventing infringement upon third-party rights

(a) Within the contents published on this site, there exists copyrighted material owned by third parties. Regarding material copyrighted or otherwise legally owned by third parties (e.g. rights to use one's likeness, publicity rights), it is the responsibility of the party using the material to explicitly remove the owned material or attain proper consent and/or legal permission from the third party.

(b) Regarding content published on this site containing third-party owned material, although the third-party owned material may be explicitly or implicitly expressed or indicated, there are also materials in which third-party owned material is not clearly or specifically indicated. It is the responsibility of the party using content to confirm the legal right to use it.

(c) Even if a third-party holds the copyright to any material, there may be instances recognized by law in which consent for usage is not required. It is the responsibility of the party using content to confirm the legal right to use it.

3) Regarding Content with Individual Laws and Ordinances Restrictions

(a) Within the contents published on this site, there exists material which may be subject to restrictions based on individual laws and ordinances. Please refer to the laws and ordinances mentioned below. For further details, please click on each respective link.
>> Regarding Usage Restrictions on Subsidies Received from a Political Party based on the Political Party Subsidies Act

4) Regarding Content not Subject to these Terms

The content listed below is not subject to these terms.
(a) Symbols, marks and character designs that represent a business or organization
(b) Explanations based on a concrete or rational basis, or other content that explicitly applies to other usage terms.
(Other content that explicitly applies to other usage terms includes that which is listed in any accompanying documents.)

5) Regarding Applicable Law and Jurisidiction Agreements

(a) These terms are interpreted based on Japanese law.
(b) Any matters regarding the usage of content based on the usage terms, or disputes involving the usage terms, shall be under the appropriate jurisdiction of the district court wherein the terms were made available to the public.

6) Regarding Exemption from Responsibility

(a) A country does not bear responsibility for the entirety of the actions performed by the party using content (including the use of edited or otherwise modified content).
(b) Content is subject to change, update, or deletion without prior notice.

7) Other

(a) Laws concerning copyrights are not limited to these terms.
(b) These terms were established on December 24, 2015. These terms are based on the Government of Japan Standard Terms of Use (version 2.0). These terms may be modified in the future. In the event content was already used in accordance with an earlier version of the law, that version will continue to apply.
(c) These terms operate under and are compatible with the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (as stipulated by copyright consent conditions listed at (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/legalcode hereby referred to as "CC BY"). Content can be used such that it adheres to these terms and the CC BY.

Content Subject to Other Terms

Please check the linked page for more details.
>> Regarding the use of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Logo