Comments from the INNO-vation Network Hubs

Currently, 53 cooperating organizations, including one base overseas, are active as INNO-vation Network Hubs. These Network Hubs aim to discover a wide number of INNO individuals by working in collaboration as companies, local governments, educational institutes, sole proprietors, co-working spaces, cram schools, programming schools and much more. These types of organizations that are able to support people of all creeds discover their inner INNO.

List of INNO-vation Network Hubs

Coworking Space, Teracowo

Your life begins with your decisions.
Do you make decisions based on what someone else says, or what common sense says, or how things have been done so far? Does information from the outside drive your decision making?
Do you decide by following your own sensibility, rising from within?
Is uncertainty your driving force? Is it joy?
Take however you feel and use it as the driving force of your own happiness and express your vision and ideas in the INNO-vation Program.
You never know, something incredible may just happen.

Entrepreneur Sharehouse

Enrepreneur Sharehouse, through Tokyo and Kyoto, is currently engaged in increasing the number of entrepreneurs by freeing people's minds from a "there's no way I can do it" hindering mindset and letting them have fun facing the everyday challenges of entrepreneurship. We are very pleased to offer a chance for our residents to challenge themselves and grow through the INNO-vation Program. We hope help even more people take that first step, get to know how fun a challenge can be, and come to realize their own talents and abilities.


Junshin Gakuen University is a university consisting of 4 separate departments: Nursing Science, Radiological Technology Science, Laboratory Science and Medical Engineering. Every year we invite all students and faculty to submit novel and innovative ideas into the INNO-vation Program. We are always amazed at the ability our students have to use their imaginations, and every year students within our school are nominated, with some of them receiving awards from Cooperative Partners. We hope to contribute to the discovery of new, INNO talent through the submission of our school's proposals.


Kyoto isn't just a city of traditional handicrafts and culture, but a diverse city of migrants, both from within the country and across the world. We're continuing our support of the INNO-vation Program with the mindset that if more people from such a diverse Kyoto challenge themselves, Japan and the world will become that much more enthralling of a place.

Local innoventures

We work to bring about innovation through our activities, and we believe that it is not just the talented or charismatic that can bring about solutions to the societal problems facing Japan, but rather those who have passion. We've been met with new encounters and inspiration through our participation in the network, event planning/implementation, and receiving corporate awards from the INNO-vation Program. Fear not what may be perceived as different and charge forward as a "hen" (strange) person!

Manabiya Mom Co., Ltd.

We are a mutual support community focusing on deconstructing the gender gap, the OPEN INNO-vation event was a multidimensional structure that many people were able to attend. This network hub serves as a base for related parties to share their voices, solve problems close to home using the power of INNO-vation, such as the issues mothers face when raising their children, and also create the momentum to help make an interesting world.


Even without mentioning something grand-scale like local revitalization, if you think hard about something in your daily life, maybe an idea you suddenly thought of or something you wished you had, could be the link to solving major issues in the world. The INNO-vation Program is a place that doesn't let such ideas go to waste, picking them up and supporting them. To those reading this, why don't you try to just think of a small idea in the next 1 minute?

Yonezawa Higashi High School, Yamagata Prefecture

We always look forward to what will be imagined in the INNO-vation Program every year. We truly believe that through the INNO-vation Program's efforts, ideas nobody has ever thought of will be born and become the driving force to changing society. Working as the foundation for where such ideas can be born, we hope that the notions of "Warm welcome to all! No refusals! Support the nail that sticks out!" will be fostered throughout Japan.