"Generation Award" Announcement of Winners

At the award ceremony for the INNO Generation Awards, held on October 30, 2019, we announced the winners of the Generation Awards and Special Corporate Awards. Further details are listed below.

■Category Awards

① Pertaining to Sight

Yoshida Takatoshi

United States of America

Development of a device that can measure in real time the three-dimensional coordinates of an object's surface upon touching it.

Reason for selection
This was selected as it is able to measure the three-dimensional position of whatever the user touches, and it's useful as a new User Interface, the extent of which exhibits a high level of practicality.

② Pertaining to Sound

There were no selections for this category.

③ Pertaining to Touch

There were no selections for this category.

④ Pertaining to Smell 

Nihon Safety Co., Ltd.


Wrappon (Auto-wrapping toilet)

Damage by typhoons and floods has increased in recent years and the need for toilet maintence in these emergencies is growing more than ever. The evaluation determined that it is important to disseminate devices related to hygiene such as these.

⑤ Pertaining to Taste

There were no selections for this category.

⑥ Sending Something Somewhere

Glad Cube Inc.


SPAIA | Intergrated Media of Sports x AI x Data Analysis

The evaluation considered that development of a sports business through data-driven methods improves the possibility of delivering fun and exciting sports to an as-of-yet undiscovered sports fanbase.

⑦ Further Expansion of Something

Shunsuke Yamada


Application of magnification and strengthening of artificial neural sensors that mimic the human nerves

By observing sensory receptors that carry human sensory functions and imitating an electrical response via electronic circuits, this approach both proposed and demonstrated a new sensing principle and created a new machine-organism interface.

⑧ Changing Time

Saikai Creative Company


Transcription Vary Good-Kun: Send an image via LINE messaging and AI will transcribe the text in 3 seconds

The simplicity of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) being implemented without the need for any special skills or tools gave this project a high evaluation.

⑨ Increased Reach

Adam Lobel


A naturally pensive approach to solving difficult global problems as they relate to communication within existing organizational structures

As new ways of working and self-actualization are being recognized, we believe systems such as these will aid in these processes.

⑩ Connecting with Something, Somewhere, Someone



Co-LABO MAKER, a research facilities and technology sharing platform

Sharing expensive, difficult to acquire research facilities offers the opportunity for even private practice researchers to use these facilities and potentially boost innovation.

■ Special Corporate Awards from our Cooperative Partners (in no particular order)

IACE Travel Corporation

Sharagri Inc.


Japan's first solution to solving the labor shortage of farms through sharing agricultural human resources! A day-to-day work application specializing in Agriculture. "Sharagri"

Reason for selection
The idea of 'easily sharing human resources' tackles the social issues of shortages in the farming workforce and potentially holds the secret behind creating a new lifestyle.
In the future, with one-day agricultural employment and travel combined, we hope a new form of travel called "Sharagri Travel" will become the norm.

Access Trade Center Co.,Ltd.

Ryuichi Tsuji


DSYS, a Drone Disaster Prediction System

Reason for selection
With the wide capabilities of drone use, we believe this could have a large impact and influence on the industry.
With drone innovations related to data collection, research, investigation, patrolling & logistics, rapid disaster prediction could lead to life-saving innovation and we expect them to stimulate the industrial world.


Naoto Ido, Yoshimi Takada, Hinako Takanaka, Kotomi Maekawa


A new dispatch service using LoRaWAN ~ Aiming for a society where nobody is left behind with QOL improvement for the local elderly population~

Reason for selection
We empathize with this proposal, as it solves societal issues by offering a new mobility solution, and as a business that is creating a movement style revolution, potentially holds the secret behind confronting and solving Japan's aging population problem.
Although implementation may present many hurdles, we feel that its convenience and social aspects will create new value.

HRK Co., Ltd.

hachidori, Inc.


CAST, a part-time work tech platform to solve the issues of part-time jobs

Reason for selection
Shift adjustment in restaurants can be a tedious and troubling affair, but "CAST" offers a fun and practical solution to drastically decrease the time needed to create and adjust shift patterns. These qualities led to our selection of this proposal.

NTT DATA Corporation

Shigeki Doi


4D Light Crayon

Reason for selection
Adding AI to the system of drawing in the air leads to the potential creation of a new form of user experience with the "4D Light Crayon".
We hope the idea will not only be limited to entertainment but also have practical application in the enterprise field.

FM OSAKA Broadcasting Co.,Ltd.

Makoto Sato


A robot that can effortlessly transform, starting from microscopic-sized robots

Reason for selection
If robots could be developed on the nanoscopic scale, the size could then be changed as desired.
From medical-use robots that function inside of the human body, to giant robots that build skyscrapers, realization of this one technology would represent completely and total freedom.
Furthermore, in the event of a disaster situations or places that people cannot enter would be no problem if a robot's size could change freely.

Obun Printing Company, Inc.

Takako Yamada


Don't let blocks of Braille block the way! A voice guided ICT braille road

Reason for selection
The accessibility of services in Obun Printing Company, Inc. includes solutions such as printing in braille, tactile diagrams and supplementary sound.
This voice-guided ICT braille road is not only for those with disabilities, but with the goal to increase braille accessibility for all, we aim to create a welcoming city that offers peace of mind. For that reason, we want to support this ICT solution.

Gaiax Co., Ltd.

Sho Hayashi


The problems of the elderly cannot be solved by the elderly alone. An Entrepreneurship training program utilizing the co-creation capabilities of the youth and elderly.

Reason for selection
The idea of offering a solution to Japan's aging society, which is accelerating at an unprecedented rate, was fascinating.
As a startup studio of GaiaX, we empathize with the idea of creating entrepreneurs and the viewpoint of entrepreneurship as a whole.

Koei Tecmo Holdings, Co., Ltd.



SOUND FABRIC ORCHESTRA - Wearable Sound, Fabric Speaker

Reason for selection
We evaluated a technology that generates sound from fabric with its special fibers and the proposal of how it could be used as clothes.
By further augmenting something everyone can do such as wearing clothes, this appears to add an as-of-yet unrealized experience and offer new kind of entertainment.
It's exciting to think about how this may change the future fashion scene.

Sato Genetec Corporation

Yuto Ikeda


119 App (Emergency Services Application)

Reason for selection
There were so many excellent ideas around this theme, it was hard to pick just one.
Among these ideas, this "119 App" was particularly wonderful.
If this idea could be linked with vital signs or other kinds of data, it would be possible to communicate with emergency services earlier. We believed that if even one life is saved through this proposal, it was important to select it.

CGL Inc.

Eiichi Miyazaki


A Step to Understanding Persons with Disabilities through VR Experiences for Handicapped People —Through Simulated Experiences of Autism Hyperesthesia —

Reason for selection
For the development of both Japan and the world, it seems that the most desirable state would be one in which those with disabilities and those without could contribute to society together without discrimination.
This offers an opportunity to experience some of the difficulties of having autism and learn from them.
Knowledge of these difficulties will help those with autism and we support this new breakthrough.

Sharp Corporation

Manabu Maeda


Maximizing the use of scattered and reflected light through a conifer shaped solar cell DC power supply

Reason for selection
The discovery of this large issue in society on renewable energy generation in areas that receive little sunlight and the curiosity of scientifically analyzing that phenomenon can be appreciated.
This solution focused on natural science which we believe aligns with our vision of “nature” technologies.
As a result, we think that this style of energy generation and the idea of solar power generation being in a coniferous shape overturning the preconception that panels need to be flat are very innovative.
Imagining a future world where solar cells of this type will be used both on the ground and even in space is very exciting.
We selected this proposal based on the future of its research content, its positive focus, high level of curiosity and the expectations of young scientists working hard.

Stretch-Yasan Inc.

Akira Kuwata


Japanese Honorific CHANGER [K5-Kun to Tameguchi-san]

Reason for selection
In today's globalized world learning Japanese is very difficult, and we believe the study methods available for young Japanese people and non-natives are currently inefficient.
This tool seems to be useful not only in daily life, but also in the business world if its translation function could work both ways.
At the same time, the answers this provides to current issues with translation tools and major languages are potentially endless.
We feel it will scale well if it can be developed into a smartphone application.

Sosu Co., Ltd.

Shige Koichiro


The Evolution of Brainstorming, Virtual Sticky Notes

Reason for selection
In Sosu Co., Ltd., we actively plan and develop one-of-a-kind products that have unlimited potential.
The possibility to set off a flash of personal inspiration by sharing only words or characters is ever-increasing.
We thought the concept of using a virtual sticky note to give shape to an idea without regard to place or time was quite wonderful.


Minori Manabe


HITORIMO-ZEN- A window into experiencing the scent of the sun, made in combination with electricity and a mainspring

Reason for selection
In our discovery for technology that shines brightly,, the third major "ware" ranking after "hardware" and "software", has been found. "Feelware," which uses sensitivity to make full use of the five senses, creates a new "sensibility creativity." This is a "feelware" proposal that combines the five senses and technology in order to create a scent that brings back old memories. We support the implementation of this updated "Hitorimo"!

Tao, Inc.

Mizuki Matsui


SPELL MASTER: Transforming 'English learning' to 'magic learning' by using magic circles

Reason for selection
SPELL MASTER holds the secret to bringing out the natural adventurous spirit and whimsical minds of children while showing the potential to improve the English ability of non-native adults who carry their own dreams of using English. Furthermore, it's a never-before-seen magician's tool.

Nextwel lnc.

Naoto Sato, Yoshiharu Ohtsuka, Rion Horiguchi, Kokoro Matsuda, Cho Yo


Aiming to solve the issues with popularization of myoelectric prosthetic hands by using microphones for virtual myolectric prosthesis and highlighting their application.

Reason for selection
As technology has developed, there are more and more technologies that aid those with disabilities, so much so that the feeling of disability is progressively alleviating. However, the current situation is that many of these technologies are financially infeasible for the consumer. This type of rehabilitation was selected as it is a proposal to eliminate any loss of opportunities felt by physically handicapped children who have lost hope due to financial or motivational limitations.

FreeStyle, Inc.

Yusuke Kawamura


Heartwarming Button

Reason for selection
We empathize with the sentiment that went into naming this project.
With ideas connected to the contributions and prospects of ICT-related welfare fields, this is a high-quality system even from the viewpoint of Normalization.
Once this has been put to practical use, we expect that many "heartwarming moments" will be born, and for that we will support this idea!

Mirai Works Inc.



AI-CON, an AI Contract checking service

Reason for selection
We provide professional human resources options/employment styles such as freelance, side jobs, career changes, re-employment, etc. These various options contribute to our mission of creating an environment for employees to actively succeed in their most comfortable professional style.
If you work independently or as a side job, the contract procedure has to be completed by yourself. AI-CON offers a simple solution to those not well-versed in the law and can help understand any associated risks of a contract. We feel that it is a service that supports professional human resources.