"Generation Award" Announcement of Winners

At the award ceremony for the INNO Generation Awards, held on November 25, 2020, we announced the winners of the Generation Awards and Special Corporate Awards. Further details are listed below.

■Category Awards

1. Related to Taste Field

Watanabe Kokomi


A World First! ENERFISH: Biodegradable Plastic With a Taste That Prevents Accidental Ingestion by Fish

Reason for selection
The world's first plastic bag that eliminates the risk of accidental ingestion by fish using Denatonium, a chemical compound with a taste that fish naturally do not like. In addition to preventing accidental ingestion, its material is also carbon-neutral, (neither increasing nor decreasing the amount of carbon in the atmosphere) using Polylactic Acid (PLA) fibers derived from sugarcane.

2. A New Perspective Field

Ooishi Ai


Eliminate Planning to Look and Confirm. Create a System that Reliably Uses Line of Sight Tracking and AI Together to Provide Confirmation.

Reason for selection
Human error is the cause of most accidents, and although checklists and double-checking helps, the problem still has yet to be completely solved.
However, these glasses equipped with line-of-sight tracking functionality, using AI data analysis to uncover mistakes at the time of inspection could be the foundation to solving accident prevention problems.

3. A New Way to See Field

Grace Imaging, Inc.


"The World's First Fatigue-visualizing Technology." A Wearable Sensor Detecting the Lactic Acid in Sweat to Visualize Fatigue Produced in Exercise.

Reason for selection
Conventional exercise load measurement systems still have lingering problems; drawing blood is too invasive for the examinee, and very expensive, hard-to-use large-scale machines are generally necessary for accurate measurements. This technology collects concentrations of lactic acid found in sweat through a non-invasive procedure and can be used as an alternative to existing exercise intensity indexes.
Furthermore, it's expected in the future that this will be used to provide training regimines for athletes as well as simply and easily conveying optimal rehabilitation exercise routines for patients with heart disease.

4. Related to Space Field

Not Applicable

5. Related to Touch Field

Not Applicable

6. Connecting with Something, Somewhere, Someone Field

Not Applicable

7. Related to Smell Field

Kusaba Hiroki


A Stress-check Management Method Using One's Preferred Fragrances

A system that analyzes, charts and displays the olfactory responses and medicinal actions to essential oil scents that stimulate the digestive system and scents that relax the muscles.
This groundbreaking mechanism allows you to visualize the changes scents bring to your body and mind.

8. Making Something Dramatically More Convenient Field

Craif Inc.


Using Urinalysis, "Painless and Accurate Early Diagnosis of Cancer"

Extracellular endoplasmic reticulum (exosomes) are present in urine and blood, and these exosomes contain an abundant amount of organic information on proteins and nucleic acids.
The originator of this proposal has developed a new technology that captures exosomes with high efficiency, and has successfully detected over 1,300 types of miRNA, a biomolecule deeply involved with the onset of diseases and malignant transformation. This amount of detection is unprecedented.
By analyzing the detected miRNA, examinations for early detection of cancer can be given with high precision, and a platform for personalized medical care can be developed. It's expected to be implemented in the near future.

9. Leading into the New Era (New Normal) Field



WOSH, a Hand Washing Stand that Doesn't Require Water Drainage

This device uses its own drainage system together with AI and IoT technology in order to hygienically recycle water in accordance with WHO guidelines for drinking-water quality and to conform to standards of various countries
This was selected as it is believed to have significant implications for developing countries with water sanitation problems while also providing hygienic solutions applicable to the COVID-19 pandemic.

10. Thailand Award

Voradon Satuprapaklan


Temperature-gauging Chopsticks

Once developed, this idea could have practical use in the household as well as inside restaurants. It can be used by people of all ages, but is particularly useful for children, the elderly, or those otherwise in need of assistance. It's also useful against COVID-19, as body temperature needs to be taken in a lot of places these days.

■ Cooperative Partner's Special Corporate Awards

IACE TRAVEL Co.,LTD. Special Corporate Award

Veraporn Watkanad


A Program Utilizing a Nursing-care Service Aimed Toward the Elderly for Those in Asia and Thailand Who Are Proficient in Japanese

Reason for selection
A serious problem facing Japan right now is the declining workforce within the elderly care industry, even while it is being said than the elderly will soon make up 27% of the total population.
Although skilled workers from all over Asia have started to fill that workforce shortage, one view is that it will not be enough to completely solve the problem.
This proposal is commended with the expectation that long-term in-person elderly care will shift to long-term online care, thus solving the the workforce shortage and creating a new long-term care communication technique.

i-BuC Special Corporate Award

Abe Ryuu


Development of a High-Efficiency Photocatalyst System for Implementation of Solar Hydrogen Production (Artificial Photosynthesis)

Reason for selection
Energy is increasingly becoming an important field for mankind. Could this be the ace up the sleeve of a new hydrogenated society? There may still be issues concerning safety and efficiency, but we felt that the technology in and of itself was interesting.

Agrinos Inc. Special Corporate Award



PETOKOTO FOODS, a Custom Dog Food Brand that People Can Eat

Reason for selection
The fact that pet food is often regarded as relatively healthy really resonates with the consumer.
As complete balanced diets have penetrated the market, considering how to turn that point of view from pets to humans is a good thing.

Access Trade Center Co., Ltd. Special Corporate Award

Nanashima Kimi


Yasashisa Link: A Blockchain Disaster System that Uses Intangible, Highly Important Things as Tokens

Reason for selection
With the current environment we live in, we think it's time to reconsider how we respond to and deal with emergencies.
As our own company considers its own solutions, we agree with Yasashisa Link and its blockchain approach to disaster prevention based on gratitude, kindness, compassion and connection.

ALCommunication, Inc. Special Corporate Award

Kobayashi Ryouta


Rundraw, Draw a Picture Through Mobility

Reason for selection
When we first saw the video, what came to mind was the image of laughing children (or families) playing in the park or on the school playground. It's quite amusing to Japanese people that don't exercise very much.
We are also looking forward to new works of art through this proposal.
We believe this technology can be used in a wide variety of different fields.

Ichikawa Kankyo Engineering Co., Ltd. Special Corporate Award

Hino Arisa


A Car That Uses Household Garbage as Fuel

Reason for selection
The idea of converting trash (or other unusable goods) into energy matches with current SDGs and movements around the world, and thus we evaluate it highly. We are quite interested in seeing if this can be implemented in tandem with technology that speeds up the fuel conversion process. From that point of view, even more value can be created from this idea, so we hope that even more ideas can be brought forth in the future.

WILLER,Inc. Special Corporate Award

Takasugi Miyu


I Want to Revitalize the Local Economy Sustainably! - Rideshare x Local PR x Social Media x Local Currency

Reason for selection
Under the concept of "a movement service deepening the bond between people and the city," our company aims to stimulate the local economy through movement.
As such, this proposal's idea to increase communication between local residents by sustainably revitalizing the local economy through movement is very sympathetic with us.

HRK Inc. Special Corporate Award



"Aging Sheet" a Fermentation Technology to Save the World's Food

Reason for selection
We were taken aback by this technology that affixes bacteria harmless to the human body to cloth, thus fermenting and softening meat and fish proteins.
Furthermore, this technology was selected not only for its ability to improve food taste and texture, but also its implications for food loss. It could be the beacon of hope for restaurants hit hard by COVID-19.

S-style Inc. Special Corporate Award

Umemoto Suzuka


AI Coordinate

Reason for selection
As our company is involved with the development of new fashion, we are ever interested in this field. We are convinced that this proposal will be of great interest to those who are concerned about fashion or sense of style. We can move forward with this proposal by including our company's coordination expertise alongside it.

NTT DATA Corporation Special Corporate Award

Ako Ryotaro


Japan's First Atopy Visualization App, a Photo Social Media Where Anybody Can Anonymously Record and Share Allergic Symptoms

Reason for selection
This proposal utilizes IT and collective intelligence for the numerous people out there that are worried about problems related to atopy. Within societal issues exist health care problems, and for that we strongly sympathize. From here on out, we hope that it can solve as many people's problems as possible.

FM OSAKA Co., Ltd. Special Corporate Award

Okabe Souta


A Vending Machine That Heals the Heart

Reason for selection
This year has been a year like no other due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Because of the spread of infection, not only have a large amount of people fallen physically ill, but due to social anxiety people's hearts are suffering as well. With that in mind, if a vending machine like this were part of our daily lives, we here at FM OSAKA would appreciate that kindness.

Obun Printing Company, Inc. Special Corporate Award

Honma Eiichiro


Creation of Infrastructure That Can Detect Dangerous Situations for the Visually Impaired

Reason for selection
By bringing attention to the inconveniences and dangers for visually impaired people that are widespread in today's society, an objective idea from the viewpoint of the impaired has been thought up.
Our company also started a Braille/tactile graphic printing service in 2013, and we have had many opportunities to interact with the visually impaired, listening to their voices and working to implement a lifestyle where they can forget about their impairment, if only for a moment. We want to support those who hold the same ideals as we do, which is why we selected this proposal.

Gaiax Co.Ltd. Special Corporate Award

Kanatani Satoshi


Multi-Task Teacher, a Platform Connecting Students of the Region with Talented People Across the World

Reason for selection
In order for talented and capable people to produce entrepreneurs setting their sights on the next generation, we have to focus on more than just physical education. Connecting junior and high school students with those already working in society will broaden their horizons and increase their points of perspective. The Multi-Task Teacher could be just one of the answers to this issue.

KOEI TECMO HOLDINGS CO., LTD. Special Corporate Award

Nishino Toshiki, Matsuura Akihiro


Magic Bounce: a Playful Amusement System That Hacks the Laws of Physics

Reason for selection
This ball that returns to your hand combines AR with a mysterious feeling that seems to betray expectations and reality, thus succeeding in seemlessly merging the real and virtual worlds.
Perhaps it's not that the virtual world has been brought closer to reality, but that the gap between the two is bridged by bringing out the unnatural within reality.

CGL Inc. Special Corporate Award

Kobayashi Kouji


Stringed, A Unmanned Device that Behaves as if it is Playing a Stringed Instrument

Reason for selection
Activities across the world are restricted due to COVID-19.
We award this proposal with an admiration and curiosity as to how this device that can play music even without people will add to one's lifestyle as we continue through these times.

Sosu Company Limited. Special Corporate Award

Mizuhara Ryou


PlEARsant: Experience Ear-cleaning With a Feeling of Safety

Reason for selection
At Sosu Company Limited, we are engaged in the development of products that are both novel and fun.
We were fascinated by the safety and fun seeming to be had with this device that replicates someone cleaning your ears. We also feel that it's charm can be applied to a variety of different contents. We also selected this for an award with the hope that even people far away will be able to clean your ears.

KNOWLEDGE CAPITAL Special Corporate Award

TETSUJIN - AUDIO VISUAL (Takahashi Tetsuto, Moshimura Maiko)


Star☆Jam Street ~Whimsical Cleaning Tool Musical Instruments~

Reason for selection
Through the unavoidable restrictions placed on social life due to COVID-19, there are worries concerning the declination of human relationships. We selected to award this proposal for its ability to connect people together and deepen their understanding through non-verbal music, as well as for its potential to collaborate with our company's activities.

Nihon Enterprise Co., Ltd. Special Corporate Award

Hi Score Boys



Reason for selection
This was created not to be a properietary controller for a device you already own, but rather as a general purpose controller. Although this is just an idea, in the same way that smartphones will continue to develop and grow, we think that potential exists within this proposal.

Nextwel lnc. Special Corporate Award



Andanchi, a Multi-Generational Complex with a Nursery School, Employment Center for the Disabled, Restaurant, Candy Store, and Welfare Institution for the Elderly.

Reason for selection
Social welfare barriers within Japan are still great. For that reason, we have seen many disabled and elderly people leading difficult lives, wanting but unable to engage with social welfare due to an extremely limited amount of points of contact. To solve this problem, a single "town" where everyone can live together in a shared society has been created.

Factory Japan Group Co., Ltd. Special Corporate Award

Nishiyama Saeko


Remote Personal Training

Reason for selection
Although medical care and exercising on your own are the two fundamental factors of improving personal health, there are a lot of people unaccustomed to exercise that don't know the correct way to do it and thus get tired of it and end up quitting.
This wonderful idea was selected as it eliminates anxiety around whether or not your exercising method is correct and promotes better health.

FreeStyle Inc. Special Corporate Award

Ieichiba Co., Ltd.


Ieichiba: an Electronic Bulletin Board System for Buying and Selling Real Estate

Reason for selection
A service that offers a way for buyers and sellers to communicate directly and easily sell unused real estate without charges until the contract is concluded is very attractive. This works with a large amount of properties not listed on general sale sites, such as farmland, villas and abandoned buildings - this could help solve the abandoned property issue. We feel the support offered after the conclusion of the contract and low usage fees help foster a sense of security.

mirai works Inc. Special Corporate Award



smeta: Rental Credit App for Freelancing

Reason for selection
Our firm's mission is to provide professionals with a variety of work options, such as freelance, side businesses, job changes, and reemployment as well as provide an environment where these professionals can play an active role in business. Previously, we conducted a survey with registered freelance professionals on our main service FreeConsultant.jp, and found that professional freelancers thought it "was difficult to pass inspection when executing a rental contract," even for those who earn more than 1 million yen per month. Since "smeta" is a service that provides a solution to this issue, we believe it holds the key to supporting professionals.

Radiotalk Inc. Special Corporate Award

N High School, Sakamoto Ayane, Sakai Koutarou, Watanabe Takumi, Ooe Marin


Waraji!: A Radio to Learn About Work

Reason for selection
Due to the effect of this year's increased interest in audio broadcasting, it was difficult to make a selection from the large number of applications we received.
Among them, "Waraji!: A Radio to Learn About Work" was selected due to its dedication to the subject and the highly-specified nature of the proposal materials.
We hope this program can be fully realized in the future.


Murakami Youichi


Pioneering a New Material Platform That Converts Unused Wavelengths of Light Energy Into Available Wavelengths

Reason for selection
This is an interesting and high potential Deep Tech idea. If it can be developed and put into practical use, the energy around us could be effectively used in various ways. This research offers a response to the world's need for more energy while searching for a new energy source as well as a way to effectively use that energy.

Nissara kerdpol


Sound Waves That Eliminate Rainwater

Reason for selection
This is the beginning of just one idea to control nature at the individual level. We don't know if it can be developed efficiently or put into practical use. In the future, these soundwaves (thought of by Thai people) could be useful in the planning and preparation toward controlling water levels by implementing huge impellers. This is a very important idea that could be the start of solving natural disaster problems on a national and international level.

Tanon Thittipon


Thermal Capsule

Reason for selection
This is an idea that can be put into practical use. It fits the modern lifestyle and is useful in day-to-day life. For example, this would be useful for those who like to exercise and need a refreshing cold drink to quickly quench their thirst. For those into hiking or other adventurous activities, this can be useful for ice-cold water during the hike, or for boiling water to cook food.