Announcement of Challengers for the 2020 "Disruptive Challenge" Category

The Disruptive Challenge Proposal Names

Those who will proceed towards their "Ambitious Technical Goal". The support amount is up to 3 Million JPY for up to 1 year, minus the support and period of the Zero to One Challenge period, i.e., the shorter the Zero to One Challenge period, the longer the Disruptive Challenge period. Eligible to take a graduation examination.

The following Disruptive Proposals have been selected for the Disruptive Challenge

Proposal Title

Full Name


Development of a Strawberry Pollination Control Algorithm that Imitates Honeybees for Automatic Pollination Robots

Ichikawa Yuuki


Pursuit of AI that can Fulfill Your Fashion Ideals

Katou Natsumi


Biodegradable Instant House: A House of the Future that can be Built with the Whole Family

Kitagawa Keisuke


WALKCAR, A Car that can be Carried Around in a Bag

Satou Kuniaki


Stickers coated with 100% natural formulations that extend fruits shelf life by 3-4 times longer

Zhafri Zainudin


A Realistic Piano Performance Experience with the Support of a Superbly Attentive Robot

Nishioka Hayato


Establishment of the Optimum Structure of a Drone Mass Production Method Using Integrally Composed Circuitboards, Sensors, and Wiring

Hanyuuda Gouta


Big Data Archiving Technology that can be Used/Available 100 Years From Now

Furushou Shinji


Creation of "Taste Media"

Miyashita Houmei


Development of a New Smartphone Health Check System Based on Skin Sensations on the Finger

Yoshimura Shinichi


■Zero to One Challenge Proposal Names

The Zero to One Challenge is a period for challengers to freely trial and error their ideas without fear of failure to clarify their "Ambitious Technical Goal." The support amount is up to 1 Million JPY and the period is up to 4 months, which can be set by the challengers. By applying to the Executing Agency when the challenger feels is appropriate, they can undergo an evaluation to proceed to the Disruptive Challenge. If challengers pass this selection, they will proceed to the Disruptive Challenge.

The following Disruptive Proposals have been selected for the Zero to One Challenge

Proposal Title

Full Name


Improvement and Multimedization of Buncho, the Scenario Creation Support AI

Oosone Hiroyuki


A Monetization Service for Bookstores Based on E-Book Reviews

Kanazawa Kimihito


A New Product Creating a Fresh New Place of Expression by Breathing a Sense of Life Into All Kinds of Clothes.

Shodai Kayama


Something to Protect Everyone's Eyes

Kimura Hinata


Voice Shower

Taiga Rii


"Syrinx", a Device to Recover a Lost Voice

Takeuchi Masaki


Application Development to Train Elementary School Children Who Will Play an Active Role in the Future

Takeuchi Yuuto


Systemization of Stage Theater Techniques and Verification of Application Possibilities for Full Remote Theater Video Shooting Robitics Technology

Tanaka Yoshimaru


SSpatial Timer ~Feel the Presence of Another Person~

Nakajima Chizuru


Improving Accessibility of AI Technology Development for a Diversity-Inclusive Sustainable AI Society

Hasuo Takashi


A Solar-Power 'Plant', the Plant Every Home Will Want

Hanazono Sonoe


Emergency Helicopter Aerial Photography, A Method of Capturing a Bird's-Eye View of Medical Information During a Disaster's Acute Phase Using a Banner (SOS Sheet)

Fuse Akira


Development of a Technology to Visualize All Kinds of Conversations by Focusing on Quantatitve Information

Mizumoto Takeshi


From Today You are Disabled! A Prototype MR (Mixed Reality) System to Let People Experience the Daily Difficulties of Those with Disabilities.

Miyazaki Eiichi


《ARama!》: The AR Camera Application that Turns People and Objects Around You Into Items to Play With

Morishita Makoto


Development of a Non-Invasive Voluntary Movement Suppression Device for Full Immersion Technology Using TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation)

Watanabe Ryuutarou



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