"Generation Award" Announcement of Winners

■ Category Awards

Related to Sound Field

Suzuki Ryota


Aurora Chorus Project: Noise Is Unknown And Beneficial. Triggering Expansion Of The Self Through Modern-Day Techniques. Expand The World.

Reason for selection
From the point of utilizing removed noise, as well as its whimsical worldview, the idea of sharing peculiar abilities and letting others experience them is very interesting. It's exciting to think about what kind of world awaits us through experiencing never-before-heard sounds. This proposal was selected with a high expectation for its future works.

Related to Space Field

Yoshimura Kei


Changing the Weather Forecast with Heavy Water Vapor Observed from Space

Reason for selection
This was selected for being the first in the world to demonstrate that as a result of this research, the accuracy of atmospheric pressure and windspeed forecasts can be improved. It's believed that many industries will see dramatic improvements in their operations as a result of more accurate weather forecasting, and we look forward to the future applications of this technology.

Related to Touch Field

Magic Shields, Inc. Shimomura Hiroshi


Koroyawa: Flooring and Mats That Turn Soft When Falling to Protect Against Bone Fractures Caused by Elderly Falls

Reason for selection
If the amount of elderly people with bone fractures can be reduced, this will help reduce the burden on caregivers and hospitals while simultaneously providing a sense of comfort to the elderly population. As an aging population continues to be a problem worldwide, it is hoped that this discovery will help countries like Japan lead the way in solving this societal issue.

Making Something Dramatically More Convenient Field

Nakai Koga


Awabebi: An App Promoting Understanding of a Baby's Crying Voice. Understanding a Baby's Feelings at a Glance

Reason for selection
This proposal is a step forward in solving the longstanding issue of a baby's cry being seen as a nuisance to others in addition to giving stress to mothers and fathers. This was selected in hopes that it will be a catalyst for a positive view toward crying babies.

■ Cooperative Partner's Special Corporate Awards

i-BuC LLC Special Corporate Award

Hamada Hirotsugu / RIDE DESIGN


Development of PJ, the Electric Bike That Won't Fall Over

Reason for selection
While EVs haven't shifted completely to motorbikes yet, a 2WD vehicle that won't tip over through safe driving may just be the starting point for their proliferation. While there is a plethora of history and technology in 4-wheeled vehicles, 2-wheeled vehicles have certain special properties, and the amount of data it will take to train AI to control and analyze the power distribution between the front and back wheels is demanding. A way to obtain this large amount of data must be devised.
Since EVs possess greater acceleration power than reciprocating engines, there's an increased risk of tumbling. However, this 2WD technology (idea?) may reduce this risk.
In recent days there's been a noticeable increase of elderly fans of motorbikes who go on weekday recreational bike tours at tourist locations with luxury or import motorbikes. For them, EV bikes that don't fall over are surely appealing, even if they may be a bit more expensive.
That being said, an approach must be considered for appealing to fans obsessed with Harley-Davidson and vintage motorbikes.

Access Trade Center Co., Ltd. Special Corporate Award



Tendokku: An Engine to Make All Types of Documents Suitable for the Visually Impaired

Reason for selection
There's great potential for those with visual impairments to freely and simply attain the information and knowledge that they wish to know. This was also selected due to the fact it can be operated by a single person, hopefully creating a society in which all people can live without barriers.

ALCommunication, Inc. Special Corporate Award

Ishii Mahiro


Is Your Weather Sunny? Okimochitenki ~An Emotion Analysis Device Implementing Voice Emotion Analytical Technology~

Reason for selection
There are many people in younger generations who aren't good at communicating through speaking, while it's also been said that there are many businesspeople in their 30s who aren't good at communicating over the phone. Whether it's speaking with the opposite sex, fathers that aren't good at communicating with their daughters, etc., this is an idea that could be particularly useful for those that need help with social situations, which is a particularly interesting point to think about. This was selected with the excited thought that it will be used to completely transform the telephone into a new communication tool.

Ishokudogen.com Special Corporate Award

Tanigaki Satone


"Super" Instant Cup Noodles

Reason for selection
Although there are many thoughts and plans about how to reduce waste, we thought that the idea of eating waste was quite intriguing. Our company has also started taking on SDGs, and if this idea could be used in different products, a grand societal innovation could be brought about.

Ichikawa Kankyo Engineering Co. , Ltd.

Sirikul Dangmanee


Waste Separation QR Code

Reason for selection
Through QR codes, consumers can be made more aware of trash separation and recycling, and manufacturers can expect to see recycled resources when they develop with post-use in mind.
This was also selected because the QR codes can be used for local information, giving instruction on how to separate trash based on each municipality as well as information on where trash can be disposed.

HRK Inc. Special Corporate Award

Takenaka Hikaru


baby foods: Search Baby Food By Ingredient

Reason for selection
We tried using this product for ourselves. Just by tapping the ingredients you can see what kinds of baby foods include those ingredients, which was really well-designed and easy to use. We selected this proposal not only for the baby food aspect, but for the expectation that it can be developed for all sorts of uses.

S-style Inc. Special Corporate Award

Tanaka Kazuhiro


Digital Phalaenopsis Orchid (3D Model NFT Art) Gift Platform ~Create a Long-Lasting Relationship with Unwiltering Flowers~

Reason for selection
NFT is a new tool.
Traditional culture has been fused within it.
The culture of giving and the feelings of the recipient.
I commend this wonderful idea and believe it is truly Japanese.
I also believe it can derive many possibilities from the community through the Digital Moth Orchid NFT. I'd also like to gift one.

NTS Inc. Special Corporate Award

Sato Shota


CIAT Project- COMPUTER IS A TEACHER - The Tortoise and the Hare

Reason for selection
It's wonderful that a problem was found from a familiar theme and brought to fruition with a single solution.
It's a nearly-perfect product that can be used not only in classrooms and jumprope but in many other fields as well.
We selected this proposal as we grasped a sense of technological ability, creative power and promise from the applicant.

NTT DATA Corporation Special Corporate Award

Ferment Media Research



Reason for selection
Nukazuke is an ancient Japanese tradition of making pickles with vegetable rice bran, or nuka. The individual process of making it has been converted to data, and the manufacturing process visualized and utilized.
This isn't just simply advancing AI and robotic technology, but rather realizing the idea of utilizing next generation technology to talk with people.
We highly anticipate this being used to solve societal issues in Japan, such as "the preservation and passing down of Japanese tradition," "the benefits of nukazuke (healthcare)," and "food loss (SDGs)". It may also be used to interact with AI and to solve problems using a fun nukanuke method to create the "state of next generation technology."

Energy Gap Corporation Special Corporate Award



Paintable Solar Cells (Ink that Charges when Painted)

Reason for selection
Our company is also working on solar power generation, which utilizes energy that's very close to all of us.
This proposal holds the potential to accelerate the spread of solar power generation acting as a seed for a new type of natural energy innovation through reduced production costs, variety and ease of construction, reduced environmental impact due to non-use of lead, and the supplying of power to areas without it.

Obun Printing Company, Inc. Special Corporate Award

Nagata Kurumi


Braille for Anybody

Reason for selection
It's often been said that a person's ability is decided by their imagination, and we believe this to be true. If we can imagine it, the technology to bring us closer to it can be searched for and this will in turn shape the future. Without imagination, proposals like "Braille for Anybody" wouldn't exist. We selected this proposal because we believe it can be used as a guidepost for tomorrow's solutions.

OSG Corporation Co., Ltd. Special Corporate Award

Kikuchi Sawa


Hydration Tablet

Reason for selection
Every country in the world has different issues with hydration.
Using hydration in a tablet form would bring about a completely new everyday life for us all.
In terms of water supply, we can also envision a new future for laborers who work for prolonged periods of time.

CLASSE CAPITAL PARTNERS Inc. Special Corporate Award

Atomis Inc.


CubiTan: The Next-Generation Gas Cylinder Supply Service

Reason for selection
With regards to Energy in Japan, city gas accounts for 53% of gas and propane accounts for 44%. Propane gas in rural areas, particularly Yamanashi, Tottori and Okinawa prefectures makes up less than 10%.
This 60kg lightweight cube has 29 inch sides that hold 10kg each.
We selected this proposal for its possibility to enable dramatic progress in rural areas and in power generation.

KOEI TECMO HOLDINGS CO., LTD. Special Corporate Award

Osawa Jotaro


eSports Caravan: Delivering Hopes, Dreams, and Goodwill to Children Fighting Illnesses

Reason for selection
This idea expands the possibilities of games to society by drawing out experiences from the perspective of the player.
By taking advantage of characteristics born from video games, which inherently have few restrictions, this proposal creates social opportunities for children who are fighting illnesses.
This shows that there are many different ways in which games can contribute to society.

Kokusai Kogyo Co., Ltd. Special Corporate Award

Yamada Masumi


Development Of A Method To Effectively Find Landslide Occurences Through Seismic Waves

Reason for selection
Kokusai Kogyo Co., Ltd provides a service that monitors landslide hazard areas using various measurement instruments and provides information on variations from the points measured. We selected this proposal as we have high expectations for the possibility of establishing even more effective methods of monitoring and reducing disasters when combined with the proposed methods.

Suzuyo & Co., Ltd. Special Corporate Award

Iwanaga Kaiki


Sponge That Only Absorbs Dirty Water

Reason for selection
From the over 20,000 applications submitted into the INNO-vation Program, around 1,000 were narrowed down to include keywords closely related to our company, such as "ocean, port, harbor, logistics, sky, energy, CO2," and so on. From those, we selected ideas that looked like they could not be implemented in the near future, ideas filled with dreams, and ideas that were quirky but would be very interesting if they existed in real life.
The Suzuyo Group, whose origins lie in the Port of Shizumu in Shizuoka Prefecture, has received the ocean's blessing over its 220-year history. If a sponge that only absorbed dirty water existed, we could preserve the natural beauty of the oceans. We hope this dream-like, very beautiful idea will someday be realized.

01Booster, Inc. Special Corporate Award

Imatani Shintaro


Read-While-You-Walk AR Comics

Reason for selection
It's incredibly interesting to see entertainment content that perfectly balances digital and analog.
The video accompanying this application was perfect for evoking the image of what this looks like.
We have a high expectation that this will be utilized as a new form of entertainment, bringing out new value where traditional comics could not, all while potentially revitalizing regions.

Sosu Company Limited. Special Corporate Award

Ueda Kurumi


Creating the Trends of Tomorrow with Futuristic and Stylish Smart Items

Reason for selection
At Sosu Company Limited, we are developing products with enjoyable novelty.
The liberating idea of wearing music has allowed us to imagine a more enjoyable future.
If the "audio cologne" that converts fragrance waveforms into music could be realized, it could become an unprecedented way of expressing individuality, which is why we have selected it for this award.

Takasu Clinics Special Corporate Award

Japan Atomic Energy Agency Yuki Sato


Visualization of Radioactive Contamination in the World: Aiming for Global Deployment of iRIS, a Radioactive Contamination Visualization Technology Created for Further Reconstruction of Fukushima

Reason for selection
By projecting a 3D map depicting pollution and radioactive dosage rate into a virtual space, it's possible to simulate shielding and decontamination to reduce the dosage rate and protect those working at nuclear facilities from harmful radiation.

KNOWLEDGE CAPITAL Special Corporate Award

Sakuragi Mitsutoshi


Controlling Sunlight to Surpress Weeds and Manage Growth

Reason for selection
Our company is currently focused on the keywords "food and agriculture," and we feel that this idea could contribute to solving the problem of lack of successors in the agricultural field and create a new type of urban agriculture.
We believe further advancements could be made through dissemination by our company and collaboration with other partners.

Nitori Co., Ltd Special Corporate Award

Osaki Shohei


Animal Stool - A Stool that Becomes a Toilet in Times of Disaster

Reason for selection
While it's said that Japan is a country with a lot of natural disasters, the preparations for these disasters are well-made but not yet widespread. We hope that the concept of being well-prepared becomes more of a common-sense matter, and that companies and individuals would have no worries if their disaster-prevention equipment was something they wanted to own and matched their daily lives.

Nihon Enterprise Co., Ltd.Special Corporate Award

Hiroki Koji


Shoes That Guide Your Path

Reason for selection
This is an idea that can be implemented immediately with existing hardware and communications technology, and it's also appealing from the viewpoint that nobody has planned or thought of it before.
It could evolve into something even more useful by being put to use in other applications, such as gloves, clothes, notification methods, earphones, and bone conduction.

Nextwel lnc. Special Corporate Award



The Five Sense Informational Map Utilizing Social Welfare and Marketing

Reason for selection
Our company is creating "work that can be done only with disabilities," and we felt that this sensory map is an example of exactly that. We selected this proposal because we feel it brings us closer to a world where everyone can live more easily by visualizing the "uncomfortable," including those with and without sensory sensitivities.

Fab Lab Kannai Special Corporate Award

Takagi Ryoko


Research on a Production Expression Method Fusing Electronic Kit Parts and Traditional Embroidery

Reason for selection
We selected this proposal as it has high compatibility with our company's digital machine tools, and it's close to what's taught at FabAcademy, so we think we could cooperate with the goals you have set and the subsequent development process. Since this has already been researched and it appears the applicant possesses the technology, we believe this can continue concrete development immediately.

FreeStyle Inc. Special Corporate Award

Tominaga Masako


"Secret Switch" Under Floors and Parking Lots

Reason for selection
Since the goal of this proposal is for crime prevention, a secret switch is installed on the underside of the floor. When something passes through the relevant area, the switch detects the weight, compares it to pre-registered information and alerts the owner of any abnormalities.
We think this is an excellent proposal that, when using its weight-detection abilities and its silent alert system, will create a new way to reduce danger when combined with existing security equipment.

mirai works Inc. Special Corporate Award

Hamana Keigo


Experienced Immigrant Search ~A Platform Connecting Those Who Wish to Migrate with Experienced Immigrants~

Reason for selection
Our company is working to create a society in which professionals can pick and choose various workstyles (freelance, side jobs, regular employees) and workplaces (regional/urban) in this 100-year life cycle.
As more and more people start to change jobs and move to more rural areas due to the pandemic, we felt that the Experienced Immigrant Search was an effective service for prospective immigrants to connect with rural areas and obtain beneficial information.

Yokohama Future Organization Special Corporate Award

Ota Hiroki


Development of a Wearable Multi-Vital Sensor for Newborns

Reason for selection
The ability to simultaneously measure multiple vital signs through a wearable device that is both low-impact on newborns and worn with close adhesion makes this technology promising for the development of wearable devices for newborns and the advancement of neonatal care.

Digital Economy Promotion Agency (depa) Special Corporate Award

Thitiwat Tanitchodnuntasiri


Yakya™ - At-source Waste Management Decarbonization Platform

Reason for selection
This idea involving a platform that has good environmental impact. It can also generate more incomes by exchanging waste with carbon credit which can be a positive incentive for people to separate waste.
Moreover, the idea also indicate relevant pain point and also explain market strategy and good business model for the platform.



Avalon : Metaverse Operating System

Reason for selection
Metaverse is an important digital technology that can transform communication in the future. This platform has an idea to involve business, marketplace, medical solution as well as entertainment in the metaverse world. It can be useful for creating new business. Moreover, the owners of the technology already has existing customer and also have good strategy to accomplish the goal.



MindFit Digital Mental Health Coaching platform for Kids and Family Therapies

Reason for selection
Mental health problem is an important issue nowadays, therefore helping affected people to access the primary help easily can be a potential solution to solve the problems. Furthermore, the platform use an AR technology to help brain functions. The idea is very practical, has a good team structure as well as the determination.



Auto EV Charging Station

Reason for selection
Electric vehicle industry is becoming an important industry with an increasing trends of EV car users.
Therefore, to have an innovation that can support this growth is a good idea. This idea of EV car fast charger station can be implemented in the real life. Also, using the robot to manage the station can reduce the time that the user required to spend in the station as well as increasing safety.

Pong (พ้ง)


Durian Harvesting Robot

Reason for selection
To harvest durians from trees is an intensive labor work. Therefore, creating a robot as a solution is a positive starting point to deal with this problem The team also have an idea to use ultrasonic to determine the readiness of the durian which can help enhance the quality standard compared to using human that has lots of error.

Office of National Higher Education Science Research and Innovation Policy Council Special Corporate Award

Yannawut Kimnaruk


PlantHere Farmland Rental Platform

Reason for selection
This proposed idea is align with solving arable land scarcity which is a major problem in agricultural sector in Thailand. Moreover, the ideal also promote precision farming which is an important policy for enhancing productivity in agricultural sector.
Apart from that, it is expected that after land taxation is actived , there is a growing supply of land for rent.
Therefore, platform that can matching demand and supply land for rent and also provide precision farming services is a relatively new platform in Thailand. However, it may be necessary to consider service channel rather than web based in order to reach every segment of customers.

Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited Special Corporate Award

Nattharat Ratsila


Smart Prescription Vending Machines

Reason for selection
Healthcare sector is growing continuously from major factors such as increasing consumer health awareness after the COVID 19 pandemic and aging population. There are increasing needs for accessible, convenient, high quality, and transparent Healthcare related services. This idea presents a good example of how healthcare services can be tailored to the changing customer needs and differentiated using innovation and combination of ready to be implemented technologies such as AI, Data Analytics, and Authentication.




Reason for selection
This solution aims to support people with visual impairment to read physical books independently.
By providing a tool to capture content on physical book and transcribe it into Braille, visually impaired person could gain access to a much wider knowledge base without having to rely on others to read or to create audio book for them. With knowledge comes power. This invention idea has potential to improve lives of many, which perhaps may include someone we love.



If gravity can be controlled

Reason for selection
This idea itches our braincells to imagine the world where gravity can be controlled at will. This idea, although there is not yet feasible with current technology, we found it intriguing to apply its concept to various use cases and contexts. From safety to transportation, from infrastructure to daily life use, there are many applications that could be reimagined and improved befitted of the Award Program, INNO vationvationบ้า กล้า คิด

Mr Peerawat Vangvichianchot


Temperature-Adjustable Thermoelectric Power Generating Fiber Utilizing Electric Currents in Manufacturing

Reason for selection
Imagine you have a piece of fabric that can change temperature at will, what would you do with it?
You might start with a cool suit for summer or a thin but warm sweater for winter. You could then expand to a wide range of applications such as medical heat treatment, or agricultural a fabric that can boost plant growth with effective temperature control. The list could go on and on.
We love this idea both for its versatility and feasibility.
Fabric is a versatile material, which can be used almost every where. By enhancing fabric with thermoelectric materials, and coupling with the appropriate cost benefit model, the potential result would be limitless.

Bank of Ayudhya Public Company Limited Special Corporate Award



Smart Care Platform to Care for the Elderly, Patients With Chronic Diseases, and People Living Alone

Reason for selection
This idea is a platform with total solutions to support elderly and caretakers to monitor his or her health status. We see opportunity to link this platform with other platforms in our bank's ecosystem for benefit of elderly and their families.

Berli Jucker Public Company Limited (BJC) Special Corporate Award



PP Block Upcycle

Reason for selection
This project presents a notion for upcycling used packaging materials to create new value. The concept demonstrates simple but systematic thinking process: from Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, to Test.
This is an example of the innovative idea that generates sustainable economic benefit.

Central Pattana Public Company Limited Special Corporate Award

thanakorn Khanthong


App Teen Community

Reason for selection
App Teen Community presents a clear goal to optimize the utilization of areas for Central's shopping centres.
The idea is derived directly from customers' insights and meets the need of both Central and customers.
Moreover, it enhances the opportunity to expand the target market by attracting teenagers through the usage of an application.

Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited Special Corporate Award

Kling girl


HOS (Health or Souls) for a Safe Life

Reason for selection
Able to r educe chance of occurrence and loss form accidents, especially for the people who is over 40 years old. Also, can send an alarm to other who is nearby.

Cho Thavee Public Company Limited Special Corporate Award

Thitiwat Tanitchodnuntasiri


Yakya™ - At-source Waste Management Decarbonization Platform

Reason for selection
ThisIdea is our city need to implementation and apply with our use case.-The beginning of solving environmental problems-We want to know a solution to the problem of source waste.-We wantto know how the Carbon Credit Creation Platform works.-We want to see the success of this idea. : Features of Smart Contracts on Block chain Technology to Convert That Value to become digital assets that can be exchanged for money and create other added value Return it to the waste sorter at the source. (Doing good) as if the public sector can produce and trade Carbon Credit in the market by themselves. making the public sector at the individual level (Individuals) can earn at least 2 ways from selling junk once.



A Suit That Simulates the Meta Reality Suite

Reason for selection
If possible, it will be more useful to create toolsfor learning in the virtual world. to education,health -medical and various industries

InfinitLand Holding Co., LTD. Special Corporate Award

Chatewarin Sintuwarakul


Application Match for Students with Dreams

Reason for selection
It is an idea to create a database of future careers and the needs of the company. that accepts the desired position for students who want to work To create motivation to have clear career goals and be sure to get a job after graduation

Fortune Parts Industry Public Company Limited Special Corporate Award

Khamphe Phoungthong


Creation of Interior Upholstery and Window Film for Cars Using Aerogel Derived from Ash

Reason for selection
The use of aerogel from fly ash to develop into the window film for reduces environmental impact and conduce to income for community or company in the country because Thailand has a lot of Fly ash and silica parameter is high.
As a result, the economic value is greater than that used to make fertilizers or mortar mixes.

Hanami Foods Co., Ltd. Special Corporate Award

G with G


Snack Jack X Warabi Mochi Crispy Baked Green Pea Snack

Reason for selection
A creative idea and can be developed into a new product for snack jack.

Innobic (Asia) Company Limited Special Corporate Award

Wiwat Srijan


Patient's Virtual World

Reason for selection
The idea suits for elderly society. It shows the innovation with sympathy for elderly and patients which could make their quality of life better.
Not only for physical health but also improving mind health and soul.

Lion Corporation (Thailand) Limited Special Corporate Award



Extraordinary natural hair dye

Reason for selection
Hair coloring is a popular fashion. If there is non chemical products, it is safe to dye hair and good for health. It can be done more often without worry about negative effects on the body. And also helps to promote the economy in the community as well.




Reason for selection
Oral health check up by self examinations regularly to identify problems before it becomes serious. It will help to heal since the first stage and save cost to see dentist less frequent.

Mediator Co., Ltd. Special Corporate Award

MF Cooperation


Key That You Can't Forget to Lock

Reason for selection
This idea is suitable for OCD person and people who always have a problem about forgetting to lock house or car. This application of this item is practical and useful for any generation. No need to waste the time and easy to check.
Hope this idea will happen and be developed the application and function for Android and iPhone in the future.

Mitr Phol Group Special Corporate Award



Antimicrobial Polymer Films for Vegetables

Reason for selection
This project uses r aw material which is related to MITRPHOL business. Then it can be easily adapted the idea for the real business.
The application using with vegetable and premium fruit to extended their shelf life is interested and useful for exporting agriculture products as well as using locally, good benefit for agriculture products when delivery from one place to another place.

Ookbee Co., Ltd. Special Corporate Award

Yannawut Kimnaruk


Emotion line

Reason for selection
To increase engagement rates on the platform and help readers become more involved in the stories they read.
Readers are able to express their emotions and opinions while reading, based on their real time behavior and feelings.

Panyapiwat Institute of Management Special Corporate Award

Alyssa Arunkijthawornkul


Learning Machine / Absorbing Knowledge During Sleep

Reason for selection
This idea concept is an interesting innovation for Special Challenge of the institute.
Judgment Result: Concepts arising from the base of scientific ideas. It can help us absorb knowledge while sleeping and resting. In the future, if this idea concept made possible it should benefit and help people to learn and develop much faster and more effective.

Property Perfect Public Company Limited Special Corporate Award

Nontakorn Laklame



Reason for selection
The idea of the integration between AI and human behavior is impressive in virtue of creating smarter livings by Smart Light. The innovator’s intention shares the same idea with our mission: Create and enhance satisfaction in products and services with the better environment and quality of life and responses to the need of clients of all ages, particularly one of our contemporary projects PENTON Ari Sutthisan , the new luxury Penthouse Home Office & Private Residence which can enrich professional and personal life of the residents.

P.S.P. Specialties Public Company Limited Special Corporate Award

Jinnaphat Theparat



Reason for selection
Idea seems to be simple but reflect to basic function and needs.
Possible idea and less complexity.
In term of functionality, to brush teeth properly, we need both toothpaste and toothbrush.
Always possible to loss and forget any of them during travelling therefore serving to market needs.
To fill in toothpaste inside toothbrush with simple mechanism, this also benefit to disabled person.

Sappe Public Company Limited Special Corporate Award



Cococompass Opener

Reason for selection
Cococompass Opener is outstanding from other ideas on convenience.
It seems friendly to all users whether they are women or children. The equipments also easy to carry everywhere, don't need any other source of energy than human hand and not very complicate to use. We also consider from the yield, the coconut water and flesh, which seems to have good volume and high sanitary. Although we a bit doubt on how to make it really work but this idea is interesting for doing further develoment.

Siamrajathanee Public Company Limited Special Corporate Award

Wimonporn Chuadoungpui


For Driver App

Reason for selection
1. The information shows the possible in case of programming.
2. The information shows operating program details which can understand clearly what type of layout will be used.
3. Detail the tool information clearly. Ex. How to use, What kind of tools that have to use together.

Somboon Advance Technology Public Company Limited Special Corporate Award

Nadakun pattanasmit


Small Robot for Cleaning Car Interiors

Reason for selection
It is an idea that should be used for research, development and business expansion.
It is a tool that can be used at home.

TCM Corporation Public Company Limited Special Corporate Award



Fire Extinguishing Wall

Reason for selection
-There are possibilities to explore and develop the idea further.
-This product offers several functions, it is not only a wall.
-It is a solution for residential market in term of aesthetics, safety, andacoustics.
-This product can be used widely in residential and commercial areas. The safety is the first requirement for those areas.

Thaifoods Group Public Company Limited Special Corporate Award

Mr.Peerawat Vangvichianchot


A Jelly Food Made from Protein-Rich and Nutritious Spirulina

Reason for selection
-New alternative protein sources for promoting the health which is nowadays new food trend of consumers globally
-Made from natural ingredient which is algae
-This could be produce as a food or further innovative of functional food ingredient / supplement
-Relating to bio circular green concept by using natural ingredient that consume less resources, comparing to use other conventional ingredients such as plant protein or meat protein.

Thai Union Group Public Company Limited Special Corporate Award

Danuwat Kanarat


Tuna paste

Reason for selection
-Well thought and creative idea which addresses consumers paint point and creates new business opportunity (value up & convenient)
-Potential scale up

Tri Petch Isuzu Sales Co., Ltd Special Corporate Award



Drown Airbag

Reason for selection
As Tri Petch Isuzu Sales is the vehicle distributor in Thailand, the Drown Airbag is an impressive innovative idea to increase vehicle safety which is the one of important features for customers nowadays.
This idea also has an opportunity to apply to other related industries/sectors such as developing the service vehicle for floating.