2017 "Generation Award" Announcement

At the award ceremony for the “INNO Generation Awards”, held on November 22, 2017, we announced the winners of the [Generation Award] and the Special Company Award. Please see below.

■Field Award

1.Information Communication


Loss prevention tag "MAMORIO"

Reason for selection
A product that has been put into practical use through crowdfunding. Information is updated when users pass by each other. The service that as the number of users increases, the network becomes more effective and items become easier to find is also an attractive point.

Karin Ikeda

Heaven Now

Reason for selection
The handling of personal digital devices and service accounts after death has been debated in recent years. These are called "Digital Artifacts" and "Digital Wills" and are becoming problematic. The value of representing the person's death with the light nuance of "Heaven Now" instead of a negative, heavy representation is both nice and modern.


Not applicable



3. Medical

Toshiya Sueoka

Development of a "stress reduction tool" that creates a "third eye" by technology using an "overhead projection method"

Reason for selection
Research being conducted on ways to solve stress scientifically, not as a matter of emotion, is approaching realization. It is hoped that using such an approach to reduce stress will become common in the future.

4. Education

Yūho Gotō

A mobile children's day care center

Reason for selection
A new form of day care center for preschoolers has been proposed that will lead to countermeasures against the declining birthrate and reform our way of working. In order to create this, facility management and user management using ICT are essential. The hurdle for realization is likely to be high, such as the need for legal maintenance, but we hope to continue to work toward this realization.

5. Primary industries such as agriculture, fishing and forestry and distribution

WaterCell Inc.


Reason for selection
An effective means to record and save farming experience in a form that can be easily shared with successors. We rate it highly because its easy-to-use interface is like a virtual game, which is good for younger farmers.

6. Security

Power Elec Co., Ltd.

IoT monitoring outlet "WiFi-Plug"

Reason for selection
In addition to monitoring, the power can be switched off remotely. In the future, by linking with AI speakers, it has the possibility to become the main device used for home automation.

7. Sensing Data

Waseda University Iwase Laboratory

Electrical wiring that self-repairs disconnections

Reason for selection
To eliminate the all-too-common problem of a broken cable, research is being conducted to automatically repair the disconnection. This seems to have a wide range of applications while also having economical advantages, such as reduction of maintenance costs and effective use of resources.

8. Radio waves and their effective use

Takenori Hirose

Solving social issues by combining the effective use of radio waves, radio waves with different characteristics, and communication technologies

Reason for selection
Research is being conducted into ways to improve the level of hospitality for foreign tourists, which is already a problem, as well as to provide the appropriate information in the event of a disaster. In the future, various solutions will be proposed but if the approach of combining broadcasting and communication is properly created, it will have a large impact.

9. Audio and Video

Kanda Giken Co., Ltd.

VR Battleship Yamato

Reason for selection
Currently, production is continuing while the funds are being collected through crowdfunding. A strong passion can be felt not just for battleships such as the Yamato, but for things like advanced 3D modeling technologies to reproduce the railway lines or simply giving as many people as possible a memorable VR experience.



Not Applicable


11. Disaster Prevention

Eiichiro Honma

Countermeasures against using smartphones while walking - Disabled person approaching alert

Reason for selection
People walking while using smartphones are hard-to-avoid obstacles for visually impaired people. We feel presenting a system as a solution rather than just making people aware is realistic.

12. Distribution

Setouchi Kamome Project

Kamomezu (Activities for solving regional issues concerning logistics and medical problems using drones)

Reason for selection
Demonstration experiments using drones to solve issues in remote islands and mountainous areas are being conducted. The findings obtained from these demonstrations can be extended to other similar regions. We want to support this as a practical example of solving problems using technology.

13. Robot/AI (Artificial Intelligence)

TEPCO Holdings, Inc., Zenrin Co., Ltd.

"Drone highway" is a concept that creates a three-dimensional map and supports safe drone flight

Reason for selection
Expectations are high for drones as a means of transporting goods in the event of a disaster or emergency, but there are various restrictions on actually flying them. To realize safe and high-speed transport of goods, not only will the development of hardware on the drone side will be necessary, but using that hardware in combination with data about permissable airspaces will present a more practical solution.

Saji Yoshihiro

Disaster prevention robot that makes full use of drones

Reason for selection
To aid in disaster recovery, a robot that acts on the ground works together with a drone that takes aerial photography in order to observe the situation and determine the best course of action for the robot on the ground. We believe there is value in researching this method.

14. IoT (Internet of Things)

Yusuke Kimura

Training sharing platform "Share Training"

Reason for selection
To improve soccer's technological finesse, a service has been developed to reduce the burden on volunteer coaches and provide optimal training regimes. Practice methods are shared, and by evaluating them, the optimum practice method can be narrowed down. We want to acknowledge the benefits this network service brings to the world of sports.

15. Apps

Tomohiro Kiguchi

A calendar app that fills up your schedule

Reason for selection
Although there are services out there that have AI examine the contents of an e-mail and automatically set up meetings from it, we believe ideas like this schedule management service that fill up your personal downtime will become more commonplace in the future. We want to acknowledge ideas that can sense such a future.

16. Other fields that the executing agency did not concieve

Mizuhito Terashima

Small electric mobile vehicle that can run on snow - Cueboard

Reason for selection
New transportation methods to improve the lives of those in heavy snowfall areas have been developed and will soon be ready for use. For public roads, it would be necessary to revise traffic laws, but with ski resorts and other leisure facilities this can be put into practical use immediately as a new leisure activity.

■ Special Award for Cooperating and Supporting Companies

IACE Travel Inc.

Kenta Toshima

Overseas travel VR experience for the elderly

For the aging society of elderly people who are unable to go outside, this broadcasting service will allow them to be sent around the world as a simulated experience, giving them the ability to revisit memorable places from the past. For example, they might visit their old honeymoon vacation spot, or take a look at what their hometown looks like now. This service makes these requests possible.

Access Trade Center Co., Ltd.

Junichi Miyagawa

Creating a new style of evacuation drill that connects schools and communities

Reason for selection
The reason we agreed with the proposal is because in the event of a possible major disaster, the evacuation measures centered on four locations (elementary/middle/high schools and public halls) and the roles each should play are precise and clearly defined.
It is understandable that even a generally healthy person loses the ability to make sound judgments in the event of a major disaster, and those with disabilities and the elderly are at an even greater risk.
By creating a comprehensive regional support system, public assistance can be received, rather than just relying on our own preparations or the assistance of other individuals. We feel that the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications will be very keen on this INNO-vation.

Willer Inc.

Airporter Inc.

Airporter ("same day" baggage delivery service between accommodation and airport)

Reason for selection
This proposal can solve a common problem for travelers around the world.
We hope that travelers' courses of action and communication will change and create deeper and larger varieties of experiences.
Also, we have selected a company prize for implementing our advocated "innovation through movement" concept.

S-style, Inc.

Tomoya Izumi

Recording memory

Reason for selection
株式会社S-S-Style Co., Ltd. proposes a tailor-made suit that suits the customer's image.
If this idea can be implemented properly, it will be possible to objectively review one's own past fashion and find suitable personal fashion tips.
We support this proposal, hoping that it will connect past memories to dreams of the future.

FM Osaka Co., Ltd.

Asuna Nakagawa

Recommended radio station information

Reason for selection
Although it was an idea inspired by a story heard when sharing opinions with students, recently radios are slowly disappearing from people's everyday lives. Thank you for proposition on how to promote the content of radio programs.
Selected with the expectation that it will trigger a rediscovery of the radio.

Obun Printing Company, Inc.

Takeo Corporation

Glows when rolled up! "PAPER TORCH" : A paper flashlight with an electronic circuit.

Reason for selection
Obun Printing Company, Inc. provides new solutions born from printing technology.
This PAPER TORCH is a product that greatly expands the possibilities of printing and makes you feel like you're in the future. This innovative product fuses shape and functionality to control the intensity of the light based on how the paper is rolled, and for that reason we wanted to support it.

Catalyna Co., Ltd.

Takashi Sasaki

Alternative School

Reason for selection
VR with great potential; the world of AR.
However, there are aspects that are likely to wilt.
We want to support it wholeheartedly.

QiThree co., Ltd.

Sonics Inc.


Reason for selection
QiThree co., Ltd. offers a non-bottled water dispenser "CoolQoo".
This proposal's IoT device is easy to imagine integrating with our own company's water dispenser and can be applied to various areas while remaining simple. We were also interested in the fact that the inventor did not specify the delivery method.
We support this proposal.

Guinness World Records Japan Co., Ltd. ( "town revitalization Japan" project)

Ando Susumu

Long Run, softball tournament in the tsunami-affected areas of Tohoku

Reason for selection
We felt that it was an easy-to-understand idea that both children and adults could be involved in and excited by challenges of the world.
By using Japanese wisdom and artisans and changing the project's structure, we hope that Tohoku's revival will appeal not only to Japan but also to the world.
The world's best is not just a dream. Please use this as an opportunity to build up Tohoku.

K-style Holdings Inc.

Shinya Shimojō

"SwipeVideo": A new category of third-generation, vertical free-viewpoint videos

Reason for selection
K-style Holdings Co., Ltd. has five operating companies in Japan and is focusing on the early childhood education business. If this idea is realized, it will be possible to provide a realistic view from the baby's eyes, and it will be possible to give useful tips on childcare to men who are raising children. In the future, as the need for male paternity leave is recognized, this idea has the potential to open up new opportunities with childcare.

Case Oclock Inc.

Adtron Technology Co., Ltd.

foop (IoT hydroponics interior that allows you to use a hydroponics system with a smartphone)

Reason for selection
Case Oclock Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells a smartphone case, "WAYLLY", that can be attached to glass. The possibility of enriching people's through a collaboration of this proposal's IoT technology and the company's smartphone cases is exciting. We support this idea with the hope of developing IoT technology that will enrich people's lives.

CGL Inc.

Daiki Morotomi

Artificial intelligence equipped with a learning optimization system

Reason for selection
CGL Co., Ltd. provides a variety of learning opportunities and information exchange opportunities for managers to be active in the global field. Artificial intelligence is sometimes seen as a threat to humanity, but we hope that this proposal will allow us to effectively use artificial intelligence as a good friend in learning.

Sharp Corporation

Triple W Japan Inc.

D Free: Excretion Prediction Wearable

Reason for selection
Currently, when we listen to the issues concerning nursing care facilities, we often hear about the need for excretion prediction. In this continiously aging society, we feel that this system would be very useful. Furthermore, it was also selected for the company award because it can be used in cooperation with the Robophone.

Stretch Shop Inc.

Seiji Fuwaki

Creating an educational environment for career and vocational education using VR

Reason for selection
Stretch Shop Co., Ltd. operates a full-scale stretch therapy specialty store in Tokyo. By implementing this idea, we thought that it would be easier for customers to experience the original attractiveness of Stretch using VR and comparing it with the benefit of a real Stretch. We support this proposal.

Seibu Holdings Inc.

Takenori Inomata

Real-time sports facility sharing service using IoT

Reason for selection
By building a platform that centrally manages not only in-house facilities but also facility information from local governments and other businesses, it provides an environment where people can easily engage in sports, leading to health maintenance and promotion, community formation, and regional revitalization. We were impressed by the possibility of realizing the vision “To be a company that supports the lives of customers”.

Sosu Co., Ltd.

Aya Yamaguchi

Making the shape of a woman's feet using glass shoes

Reason for selection
Sosu Co., Ltd. has launched a product related to the problems concerning women's feet under the Peroline brand.
The idea of ​​collecting foot shape data using glass shoes and improving the shoes themselves is both fun and practical.
We wanted this idea to be realized so that many people, like Cinderella, can enjoy shoes that fit their own feet.

Takara Tomy Arts Inc.

Yousuke Miyama

Syrup: a service where you can have a festival anywhere

Reason for selection
A method of providing "fun things" that allows you to hold live events in places and times where you can not usually make sound, and monetizing them with a way of thinking that is not bound by common sense.

Tokyo Metropolitan Television Corporation

meleap, Inc.

Techno Sports HADO

Reason for selection
Not just a novel “idea and display of creativity” where you can perform special moves from popular manga in the real world, but from our company, which has been focusing on and programming for e-sports since the beginning, "HADO" has content that can be enjoyed on the TV as well as live-action entertainment. We felt this embodies the INNO-vation of e-sports.

Knowledge Capital

Takufumi Yanagisawa

Control of phantom limb pain using BMI prosthesis

Reason for selection
This is a medical care study to control the pain and enrich the lives of phantom limb patients using "BMI", a state-of-the-art technology. Presentations and collaborations with other participants are expected for further development in the future.

Japan Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Novars, Inc.

Dry cell batteries to communicate "MaBeee"

Reason for selection
The concept that an IoT product can be created simply by attaching "MaBeee" to a battery-powered product is wonderful, and by using a smartphone application, the product can be controlled with a smartphone, which is extremely excellent. We look forward to further evolution in the future.

Nextwel Co., Ltd.

RouTrekNetworks Inc.

"Zero Agri": A next-generation nutrient solution soil cultivation system

Reason for selection
Nextwel Co., Ltd. supports people with disabilities using welfare and WEB as keywords. Currently, “farming coordination” that links agriculture and welfare is being promoted but by using this plan, welfare staff are likely to create a system that is easy to systematize. We are looking forward to its potential for application beyond the framework of agriculture to the whole living world.

Human Academy Co., Ltd.

Rikuto Seki

Mind maintenance AI robot

Reason for selection
The kind-hearted idea that ​​"a robot that brings healing and a positive mind to humans" is created based on your own experiences makes it easy to imagine and realize the potential of coexistence between humans and robots.

FURYU Corporation

Tatsuo Nakagawa

Automatic skill evaluation system for makeup

Reason for selection
Since we have been supporting women's “cuteness” through print seal machines, this technology that makes women more cute and happy by quantifying the quality of makeup really resonates with us. The aspect that the quality of “cute” can be quantitatively expressed and evaluated is excellent.

Mirai Works Co., Ltd.

Mamoru Iwabuchi

Lucky Clock App

Reason for selection
As a company that provides a place where new work styles and "free selection of time" freelance can play an active role, we felt this Lucky Clock was created to spread our company's ideas of "a good sense and balance of time," "if you can think it you can do it," and "living a more happy life by increasing your favorite times" to the world.

MODE, inc.

Hiroya Katō

Development of IoT Container and Web Service for Real-time Tracking of Package in Logistics

Reason for selection
In addition to taking on problems with package delivery.
He has taken the first step with a startup-like approach by making concrete proposals and prototypes using IoT technology.
We would like support for MODE by providing a data collection solution from the real world, which will reduce costs and labor.

Mobile Internet Capital, Inc.

Lee Obashira

An Automatic Human Body Image Correction System Based on Deep Learning - Enhancing a Person with Natural Human Body Image Correction Technology

Reason for selection
The AI ​​developed by the proposer has excellent image recognition, and its applicability has been enhanced by three technologies: "breakdown technology of intelligence", "big data handling technology", and "cloud & client-side learning technology". We evaluated it based on its ability to respond to customers' diverse needs.