Message from Cooperative Partners

Here are some messages from some of the companies and organizations that support the proposals to INNO-vation Program's Generation Award.
List of Cooperative Partners

Ichikawa Kankyo Engineering Co. , Ltd.

Economic growth in Japan has continued to stagnate in the thirty-year period following the bubble economy, leading to an increase in young people these days who are worried about their futures.
It also seems that in Japan simply being different tends to draw out criticism, but it is exactly these different, out-of-the-box ideas which bring out innovative discoveries and inventions.
We hope that the INNO-vation Program will continue to be the support system for completely new discoveries and inventions, letting today's youth dream and show off their power of imagination

JMA Research Institute, Inc.

As the years go by and with the opening of the 2022 INNO-vation Program, we're always surprised by the evolution, changes, enrichment and new value that emerge from it. Relentless perserverance and fervor further serve as proof of the passion and zeal that many people hold within. In a Japan that deals with a cloud of perceived stagnation, we have only high expectations of these fascinating people and their hard work. We are truly grateful to be a part of this program every year. Thank you very much.


In 2020, there were about 200 applications from Thailand, in 2021 that increased to approximately 2000 applications, which was very exciting. In comparison with Japan, Thailand does not have the same equal opportunities and has a larger economic disparity, so we are very grateful to Japan for the INNO-vation program. We will continue to disseminate information on the program nationally in Thailand from the top universities to mountain hill tribes and hope that INNO-vation will become an international program.

mirai works Inc.

Our company has a mission to "increase the amount of challengers working toward Japan's future," and we are actively participating in increasing the opportunities individuals have for their challenges and activities. As part of this, we joined the INNO-vation Program as a Cooperative Partner in 2016. Through M&A and business alliances, we have been disseminating what creates synergy with our company from the ideas entered in the program. We are looking forward to see what kinds of challengers will bring INNO ideas to life this year.

Nextwel lnc.

In the past, we've had very good opportunities to support applications with ideas expected to bring about innovation in the disability & welfare industry. We hope to create something new and unprecedented by combining ideas from this industry with completely different industries. This year we once again look forward in a positive fashion to collaborating with unexpected ideas.