Section: Disruptive Challenge

Face your fear of failure!

In the globally unpredictable field of ICT (Information and Communications Technology), where new ideas and technologies are born every day, there is great potential for disruptive creation on a global scale. We aim to support the further development of these technologies by looking for proposals that can boldly take on these challenges and tackle issues with the potential of changing society and global industries without the fear of failure.

In order to clarify the path of the "Ambitious Technical Goal", every challenger will receive support for their own made-to-order system.

The challenge is laid out as a 2-step process.

0 to 1 Challenge

The "0 to 1 Challenge" is an opportunity to put your ideas to the test and experiment without fear of failure. The "Ambitious Technical Goal" presents a fearless opportunity to light up the pathway towards realization. Freely set your own time period and budget (time period up to 4 months; budget up to ¥1,000,000) and set your sights toward the Disruptive Challenge. Through appropriate self-assessment and sound level of judgment, you may submit a request to the executing agency for advancement to the Disruptive Challenge at anytime. Upon passing the selection, you may advance to the Disruptive Challenge.
Period: Up to 4 months
Support amount: Up to ¥1,000,000.

Disruptive Challenge

Press onward toward your "Ambitious Technical Goal". The 0 to 1 Challenge's time period and support budget are deducted from the overall time and budget limit of one year and ¥3,000,000, respectively. (For example, the earlier the 0 to 1 Challenge is completed, the longer the time period for the Disruptive Challenge becomes.) You will be able to take a graduation examination.
Period: Up to maximum of 1 year (including the 0 to 1 challenge)
Support amount: Up to a total of ¥3,000,000 (including the 0 to 1 Challenge)

Regarding Selection

・Following the confirmation of the format by the executing agency, evaluations will be performed by the Supervisors
・Evaluations will be based solely on the contents of the proposal (gender, age, background, and other accomplishments will not be considered).
*In the past, there have been applications ranging from 5 to 86 years old.
・Evaluations are absolute, and there is no predetermined number of adoptions.
・Proposals that awaken global-scale disruptive innovations are not created based on existing value or with evaluations in mind, but rather they are based on the intuition of those who know about what it takes to be an "unusual person" with ideas that will shake up society: our supervisors.
・The process from application to graduation (becoming an INNO-β) is displayed in Figure 1. There are limits to the time period and costs (maximum of one year and ¥3,000,000, respectively), but as this is a made-to-order system, you are free to set your own time period and costs within those limitations. The executing agency will support you.
・Completing a proposal does not guarantee selection to be a Challenger. Those who are not selected to be a Challenger by the selection process will have matching opportunities with our Cooperative Partners. Please see section III-7: Matching with Our Cooperative Partners for details.

<Figure 1: The process from application to graduation.>

Application period
Wednesday 1 July 2020
6:00PM (JST) Monday 31 August 2020

Applications are now closed.

Thank you for all your applications!

Application Guidelines