INNO Generation Award

In the ICT field, awards are given for:
・Small, interesting, and as-of-yet unimagined ideas.
・Cutting edge technologies, even without knowing the best way to utilize them.
・Discoveries you wish to make reality.
and more!

Discovering people and businesses that can help with your small, everyday ideas or your peculiar technology in new and unexpected ways, may be the first step in changing the world.

INNO Generation Award
Announcement of Winners

2020 Generation Award Winners

■Category Awards

1. Related to Taste Field

Watanabe Kokomi


A World First! ENERFISH: Biodegradable Plastic With a Taste That Prevents Accidental Ingestion by Fish

<Reason for Selection>
The world's first plastic bag that eliminates the risk of accidental ingestion by fish using Denatonium, a chemical compound with a taste that fish naturally do not like. In addition to preventing accidental ingestion, its material is also carbon-neutral, (neither increasing nor decreasing the amount of carbon in the atmosphere) using Polylactic Acid (PLA) fibers derived from sugarcane.

2. A New Perspective Field

Ooishi Ai


Eliminate Planning to Look and Confirm. Create a System that Reliably Uses Line of Sight Tracking and AI Together to Provide Confirmation.

<Reason for Selection>
Human error is the cause of most accidents, and although checklists and double-checking helps, the problem still has yet to be completely solved.
However, these glasses equipped with line-of-sight tracking functionality, using AI data analysis to uncover mistakes at the time of inspection could be the foundation to solving accident prevention problems.

3. A New Way to See Field

Grace Imaging, Inc.


"The World's First Fatigue-visualizing Technology." A Wearable Sensor Detecting the Lactic Acid in Sweat to Visualize Fatigue Produced in Exercise.

<Reason for Selection>
Conventional exercise load measurement systems still have lingering problems; drawing blood is too invasive for the examinee, and very expensive, hard-to-use large-scale machines are generally necessary for accurate measurements. This technology collects concentrations of lactic acid found in sweat through a non-invasive procedure and can be used as an alternative to existing exercise intensity indexes.
Furthermore, it's expected in the future that this will be used to provide training regimines for athletes as well as simply and easily conveying optimal rehabilitation exercise routines for patients with heart disease.

4. Related to Space Field

Not Applicable

5. Related to Touch Field

Not Applicable

6. Connecting with Something, Somewhere, Someone Field

Not Applicable

7. Related to Smell Field

Kusaba Hiroki


A Stress-check Management Method Using One's Preferred Fragrances

A system that analyzes, charts and displays the olfactory responses and medicinal actions to essential oil scents that stimulate the digestive system and scents that relax the muscles.
This groundbreaking mechanism allows you to visualize the changes scents bring to your body and mind.

8. Making Something Dramatically More Convenient Field

Craif Inc.


Using Urinalysis, "Painless and Accurate Early Diagnosis of Cancer"

Extracellular endoplasmic reticulum (exosomes) are present in urine and blood, and these exosomes contain an abundant amount of organic information on proteins and nucleic acids.
The originator of this proposal has developed a new technology that captures exosomes with high efficiency, and has successfully detected over 1,300 types of miRNA, a biomolecule deeply involved with the onset of diseases and malignant transformation. This amount of detection is unprecedented.
By analyzing the detected miRNA, examinations for early detection of cancer can be given with high precision, and a platform for personalized medical care can be developed. It's expected to be implemented in the near future.

9. Leading into the New Era (New Normal) Field



WOSH, a Hand Washing Stand that Doesn't Require Water Drainage

This device uses its own drainage system together with AI and IoT technology in order to hygienically recycle water in accordance with WHO guidelines for drinking-water quality and to conform to standards of various countries
This was selected as it is believed to have significant implications for developing countries with water sanitation problems while also providing hygienic solutions applicable to the COVID-19 pandemic.

10. Thailand Award

Voradon Satuprapaklan


Temperature-gauging Chopsticks

Once developed, this idea could have practical use in the household as well as inside restaurants. It can be used by people of all ages, but is particularly useful for children, the elderly, or those otherwise in need of assistance. It's also useful against COVID-19, as body temperature needs to be taken in a lot of places these days.

■Special Corporate Awards from our Cooperative Partners

IACE TRAVEL Co.,LTD. Special Corporate Award

Veraporn Watkanad


A Program Utilizing a Nursing-care Service Aimed Toward the Elderly for Those in Asia and Thailand Who Are Proficient in Japanese

<Reason for Selection>
A serious problem facing Japan right now is the declining workforce within the elderly care industry, even while it is being said than the elderly will soon make up 27% of the total population.
Although skilled workers from all over Asia have started to fill that workforce shortage, one view is that it will not be enough to completely solve the problem.
This proposal is commended with the expectation that long-term in-person elderly care will shift to long-term online care, thus solving the the workforce shortage and creating a new long-term care communication technique.

i-BuC Special Corporate Award

Abe Ryuu


Development of a High-Efficiency Photocatalyst System for Implementation of Solar Hydrogen Production (Artificial Photosynthesis)

<Reason for Selection>
Energy is increasingly becoming an important field for mankind. Could this be the ace up the sleeve of a new hydrogenated society? There may still be issues concerning safety and efficiency, but we felt that the technology in and of itself was interesting.

Agrinos Inc. Special Corporate Award



PETOKOTO FOODS, a Custom Dog Food Brand that People Can Eat

<Reason for Selection>
The fact that pet food is often regarded as relatively healthy really resonates with the consumer.
As complete balanced diets have penetrated the market, considering how to turn that point of view from pets to humans is a good thing.

Access Trade Center Co., Ltd. Special Corporate Award

Nanashima Kimi


Yasashisa Link: A Blockchain Disaster System that Uses Intangible, Highly Important Things as Tokens

<Reason for Selection>
With the current environment we live in, we think it's time to reconsider how we respond to and deal with emergencies.
As our own company considers its own solutions, we agree with Yasashisa Link and its blockchain approach to disaster prevention based on gratitude, kindness, compassion and connection.

ALCommunication, Inc. Special Corporate Award

Kobayashi Ryouta


Rundraw, Draw a Picture Through Mobility

<Reason for Selection>
When we first saw the video, what came to mind was the image of laughing children (or families) playing in the park or on the school playground. It's quite amusing to Japanese people that don't exercise very much.
We are also looking forward to new works of art through this proposal.
We believe this technology can be used in a wide variety of different fields.

Ichikawa Kankyo Engineering Co., Ltd. Special Corporate Award

Hino Arisa


A Car That Uses Household Garbage as Fuel

<Reason for Selection>
The idea of converting trash (or other unusable goods) into energy matches with current SDGs and movements around the world, and thus we evaluate it highly. We are quite interested in seeing if this can be implemented in tandem with technology that speeds up the fuel conversion process. From that point of view, even more value can be created from this idea, so we hope that even more ideas can be brought forth in the future.

WILLER,Inc. Special Corporate Award

Takasugi Miyu


I Want to Revitalize the Local Economy Sustainably! - Rideshare x Local PR x Social Media x Local Currency

<Reason for Selection>
Under the concept of "a movement service deepening the bond between people and the city," our company aims to stimulate the local economy through movement.
As such, this proposal's idea to increase communication between local residents by sustainably revitalizing the local economy through movement is very sympathetic with us.

HRK Inc. Special Corporate Award



"Aging Sheet" a Fermentation Technology to Save the World's Food

<Reason for Selection>
We were taken aback by this technology that affixes bacteria harmless to the human body to cloth, thus fermenting and softening meat and fish proteins.
Furthermore, this technology was selected not only for its ability to improve food taste and texture, but also its implications for food loss. It could be the beacon of hope for restaurants hit hard by COVID-19.

S-style Inc. Special Corporate Award

Umemoto Suzuka


AI Coordinate

<Reason for Selection>
As our company is involved with the development of new fashion, we are ever interested in this field. We are convinced that this proposal will be of great interest to those who are concerned about fashion or sense of style. We can move forward with this proposal by including our company's coordination expertise alongside it.

NTT DATA Corporation Special Corporate Award

Ako Ryotaro


Japan's First Atopy Visualization App, a Photo Social Media Where Anybody Can Anonymously Record and Share Allergic Symptoms

<Reason for Selection>
This proposal utilizes IT and collective intelligence for the numerous people out there that are worried about problems related to atopy. Within societal issues exist health care problems, and for that we strongly sympathize. From here on out, we hope that it can solve as many people's problems as possible.

FM OSAKA Co., Ltd. Special Corporate Award

Okabe Souta


A Vending Machine That Heals the Heart

<Reason for Selection>
This year has been a year like no other due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Because of the spread of infection, not only have a large amount of people fallen physically ill, but due to social anxiety people's hearts are suffering as well. With that in mind, if a vending machine like this were part of our daily lives, we here at FM OSAKA would appreciate that kindness.

Obun Printing Company, Inc. Special Corporate Award

Honma Eiichiro


Creation of Infrastructure That Can Detect Dangerous Situations for the Visually Impaired

<Reason for Selection>
By bringing attention to the inconveniences and dangers for visually impaired people that are widespread in today's society, an objective idea from the viewpoint of the impaired has been thought up.
Our company also started a Braille/tactile graphic printing service in 2013, and we have had many opportunities to interact with the visually impaired, listening to their voices and working to implement a lifestyle where they can forget about their impairment, if only for a moment. We want to support those who hold the same ideals as we do, which is why we selected this proposal.

Gaiax Co.Ltd. Special Corporate Award

Kanatani Satoshi


Multi-Task Teacher, a Platform Connecting Students of the Region with Talented People Across the World

<Reason for Selection>
In order for talented and capable people to produce entrepreneurs setting their sights on the next generation, we have to focus on more than just physical education. Connecting junior and high school students with those already working in society will broaden their horizons and increase their points of perspective. The Multi-Task Teacher could be just one of the answers to this issue.

KOEI TECMO HOLDINGS CO., LTD. Special Corporate Award

Nishino Toshiki, Matsuura Akihiro


Magic Bounce: a Playful Amusement System That Hacks the Laws of Physics

<Reason for Selection>
This ball that returns to your hand combines AR with a mysterious feeling that seems to betray expectations and reality, thus succeeding in seemlessly merging the real and virtual worlds.
Perhaps it's not that the virtual world has been brought closer to reality, but that the gap between the two is bridged by bringing out the unnatural within reality.

CGL Inc. Special Corporate Award

Kobayashi Kouji


Stringed, A Unmanned Device that Behaves as if it is Playing a Stringed Instrument

<Reason for Selection>
Activities across the world are restricted due to COVID-19.
We award this proposal with an admiration and curiosity as to how this device that can play music even without people will add to one's lifestyle as we continue through these times.

Sosu Company Limited. Special Corporate Award

Mizuhara Ryou


PlEARsant: Experience Ear-cleaning With a Feeling of Safety

<Reason for Selection>
At Sosu Company Limited, we are engaged in the development of products that are both novel and fun.
We were fascinated by the safety and fun seeming to be had with this device that replicates someone cleaning your ears. We also feel that it's charm can be applied to a variety of different contents. We also selected this for an award with the hope that even people far away will be able to clean your ears.

KNOWLEDGE CAPITAL Special Corporate Award

TETSUJIN - AUDIO VISUAL (Takahashi Tetsuto, Moshimura Maiko)


Star☆Jam Street ~Whimsical Cleaning Tool Musical Instruments~

<Reason for Selection>
Through the unavoidable restrictions placed on social life due to COVID-19, there are worries concerning the declination of human relationships. We selected to award this proposal for its ability to connect people together and deepen their understanding through non-verbal music, as well as for its potential to collaborate with our company's activities.

Nihon Enterprise Co., Ltd. Special Corporate Award

Hi Score Boys



<Reason for Selection>
This was created not to be a properietary controller for a device you already own, but rather as a general purpose controller. Although this is just an idea, in the same way that smartphones will continue to develop and grow, we think that potential exists within this proposal.

Nextwel lnc. Special Corporate Award



Andanchi, a Multi-Generational Complex with a Nursery School, Employment Center for the Disabled, Restaurant, Candy Store, and Welfare Institution for the Elderly.

<Reason for Selection>
Social welfare barriers within Japan are still great. For that reason, we have seen many disabled and elderly people leading difficult lives, wanting but unable to engage with social welfare due to an extremely limited amount of points of contact. To solve this problem, a single "town" where everyone can live together in a shared society has been created.

Factory Japan Group Co., Ltd. Special Corporate Award

Nishiyama Saeko


Remote Personal Training

<Reason for Selection>
Although medical care and exercising on your own are the two fundamental factors of improving personal health, there are a lot of people unaccustomed to exercise that don't know the correct way to do it and thus get tired of it and end up quitting.
This wonderful idea was selected as it eliminates anxiety around whether or not your exercising method is correct and promotes better health.

FreeStyle Inc. Special Corporate Award

Ieichiba Co., Ltd.


Ieichiba: an Electronic Bulletin Board System for Buying and Selling Real Estate

<Reason for Selection>
A service that offers a way for buyers and sellers to communicate directly and easily sell unused real estate without charges until the contract is concluded is very attractive. This works with a large amount of properties not listed on general sale sites, such as farmland, villas and abandoned buildings - this could help solve the abandoned property issue. We feel the support offered after the conclusion of the contract and low usage fees help foster a sense of security.

mirai works Inc. Special Corporate Award



smeta: Rental Credit App for Freelancing

<Reason for Selection>
Our firm's mission is to provide professionals with a variety of work options, such as freelance, side businesses, job changes, and reemployment as well as provide an environment where these professionals can play an active role in business. Previously, we conducted a survey with registered freelance professionals on our main service, and found that professional freelancers thought it "was difficult to pass inspection when executing a rental contract," even for those who earn more than 1 million yen per month. Since "smeta" is a service that provides a solution to this issue, we believe it holds the key to supporting professionals.

Radiotalk Inc. Special Corporate Award

N High School, Sakamoto Ayane, Sakai Koutarou, Watanabe Takumi, Ooe Marin


Waraji!: A Radio to Learn About Work

<Reason for Selection>
Due to the effect of this year's increased interest in audio broadcasting, it was difficult to make a selection from the large number of applications we received.
Among them, "Waraji!: A Radio to Learn About Work" was selected due to its dedication to the subject and the highly-specified nature of the proposal materials.
We hope this program can be fully realized in the future.


Murakami Youichi


Pioneering a New Material Platform That Converts Unused Wavelengths of Light Energy Into Available Wavelengths

<Reason for Selection>
This is an interesting and high potential Deep Tech idea. If it can be developed and put into practical use, the energy around us could be effectively used in various ways. This research offers a response to the world's need for more energy while searching for a new energy source as well as a way to effectively use that energy.

Nissara kerdpol


Sound Waves That Eliminate Rainwater

<Reason for Selection>
This is the beginning of just one idea to control nature at the individual level. We don't know if it can be developed efficiently or put into practical use. In the future, these soundwaves (thought of by Thai people) could be useful in the planning and preparation toward controlling water levels by implementing huge impellers. This is a very important idea that could be the start of solving natural disaster problems on a national and international level.

Tanon Thittipon


Thermal Capsule

<Reason for Selection>
This is an idea that can be put into practical use. It fits the modern lifestyle and is useful in day-to-day life. For example, this would be useful for those who like to exercise and need a refreshing cold drink to quickly quench their thirst. For those into hiking or other adventurous activities, this can be useful for ice-cold water during the hike, or for boiling water to cook food.

2019 Generation Award Winners

■Category Awards

① Pertaining to Sight

Yoshida Takatoshi

United States of America

Development of a device that can measure in real time the three-dimensional coordinates of an object's surface upon touching it.

Reason for selection
This was selected as it is able to measure the three-dimensional position of whatever the user touches, and it's useful as a new User Interface, the extent of which exhibits a high level of practicality.

② Pertaining to Sound

There were no selections for this category.

③ Pertaining to Touch

There were no selections for this category.

④ Pertaining to Smell 

Nihon Safety Co., Ltd.


Wrappon (Auto-wrapping toilet)

Damage by typhoons and floods has increased in recent years and the need for toilet maintence in these emergencies is growing more than ever. The evaluation determined that it is important to disseminate devices related to hygiene such as these.

⑤ Pertaining to Taste

There were no selections for this category.

⑥ Sending Something Somewhere

Glad Cube Inc.


SPAIA | Intergrated Media of Sports x AI x Data Analysis

The evaluation considered that development of a sports business through data-driven methods improves the possibility of delivering fun and exciting sports to an as-of-yet undiscovered sports fanbase.

⑦ Further Expansion of Something

Shunsuke Yamada


Application of magnification and strengthening of artificial neural sensors that mimic the human nerves

By observing sensory receptors that carry human sensory functions and imitating an electrical response via electronic circuits, this approach both proposed and demonstrated a new sensing principle and created a new machine-organism interface.

⑧ Changing Time

Saikai Creative Company


Transcription Vary Good-Kun: Send an image via LINE messaging and AI will transcribe the text in 3 seconds

The simplicity of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) being implemented without the need for any special skills or tools gave this project a high evaluation.

⑨ Increased Reach

Adam Lobel


A naturally pensive approach to solving difficult global problems as they relate to communication within existing organizational structures

As new ways of working and self-actualization are being recognized, we believe systems such as these will aid in these processes.

⑩ Connecting with Something, Somewhere, Someone



Co-LABO MAKER, a research facilities and technology sharing platform

Sharing expensive, difficult to acquire research facilities offers the opportunity for even private practice researchers to use these facilities and potentially boost innovation.

■Special Corporate Awards from our Cooperative Partners

IACE Travel Corporation

Sharagri Inc.


Japan's first solution to solving the labor shortage of farms through sharing agricultural human resources! A day-to-day work application specializing in Agriculture. "Sharagri"

Reason for selection
The idea of 'easily sharing human resources' tackles the social issues of shortages in the farming workforce and potentially holds the secret behind creating a new lifestyle.
In the future, with one-day agricultural employment and travel combined, we hope a new form of travel called "Sharagri Travel" will become the norm.

Access Trade Center Co.,Ltd.

Ryuichi Tsuji


DSYS, a Drone Disaster Prediction System

Reason for selection
With the wide capabilities of drone use, we believe this could have a large impact and influence on the industry.
With drone innovations related to data collection, research, investigation, patrolling & logistics, rapid disaster prediction could lead to life-saving innovation and we expect them to stimulate the industrial world.


Naoto Ido, Yoshimi Takada, Hinako Takanaka, Kotomi Maekawa


A new dispatch service using LoRaWAN ~ Aiming for a society where nobody is left behind with QOL improvement for the local elderly population~

Reason for selection
We empathize with this proposal, as it solves societal issues by offering a new mobility solution, and as a business that is creating a movement style revolution, potentially holds the secret behind confronting and solving Japan's aging population problem.
Although implementation may present many hurdles, we feel that its convenience and social aspects will create new value.

HRK Co., Ltd.

hachidori, Inc.


CAST, a part-time work tech platform to solve the issues of part-time jobs

Reason for selection
Shift adjustment in restaurants can be a tedious and troubling affair, but "CAST" offers a fun and practical solution to drastically decrease the time needed to create and adjust shift patterns. These qualities led to our selection of this proposal.

NTT DATA Corporation

Shigeki Doi


4D Light Crayon

Reason for selection
Adding AI to the system of drawing in the air leads to the potential creation of a new form of user experience with the "4D Light Crayon".
We hope the idea will not only be limited to entertainment but also have practical application in the enterprise field.

FM OSAKA Broadcasting Co.,Ltd.

Makoto Sato


A robot that can effortlessly transform, starting from microscopic-sized robots

Reason for selection
If robots could be developed on the nanoscopic scale, the size could then be changed as desired.
From medical-use robots that function inside of the human body, to giant robots that build skyscrapers, realization of this one technology would represent completely and total freedom.
Furthermore, in the event of a disaster situations or places that people cannot enter would be no problem if a robot's size could change freely.

Obun Printing Company, Inc.

Takako Yamada


Don't let blocks of Braille block the way! A voice guided ICT braille road

Reason for selection
The accessibility of services in Obun Printing Company, Inc. includes solutions such as printing in braille, tactile diagrams and supplementary sound.
This voice-guided ICT braille road is not only for those with disabilities, but with the goal to increase braille accessibility for all, we aim to create a welcoming city that offers peace of mind. For that reason, we want to support this ICT solution.

Gaiax Co., Ltd.

Sho Hayashi


The problems of the elderly cannot be solved by the elderly alone. An Entrepreneurship training program utilizing the co-creation capabilities of the youth and elderly.

Reason for selection
The idea of offering a solution to Japan's aging society, which is accelerating at an unprecedented rate, was fascinating.
As a startup studio of GaiaX, we empathize with the idea of creating entrepreneurs and the viewpoint of entrepreneurship as a whole.

Koei Tecmo Holdings, Co., Ltd.



SOUND FABRIC ORCHESTRA - Wearable Sound, Fabric Speaker

Reason for selection
We evaluated a technology that generates sound from fabric with its special fibers and the proposal of how it could be used as clothes.
By further augmenting something everyone can do such as wearing clothes, this appears to add an as-of-yet unrealized experience and offer new kind of entertainment.
It's exciting to think about how this may change the future fashion scene.

Sato Genetec Corporation

Yuto Ikeda


119 App (Emergency Services Application)

Reason for selection
There were so many excellent ideas around this theme, it was hard to pick just one.
Among these ideas, this "119 App" was particularly wonderful.
If this idea could be linked with vital signs or other kinds of data, it would be possible to communicate with emergency services earlier. We believed that if even one life is saved through this proposal, it was important to select it.

CGL Inc.

Eiichi Miyazaki


A Step to Understanding Persons with Disabilities through VR Experiences for Handicapped People —Through Simulated Experiences of Autism Hyperesthesia —

Reason for selection
For the development of both Japan and the world, it seems that the most desirable state would be one in which those with disabilities and those without could contribute to society together without discrimination.
This offers an opportunity to experience some of the difficulties of having autism and learn from them.
Knowledge of these difficulties will help those with autism and we support this new breakthrough.

Sharp Corporation

Manabu Maeda


Maximizing the use of scattered and reflected light through a conifer shaped solar cell DC power supply

Reason for selection
The discovery of this large issue in society on renewable energy generation in areas that receive little sunlight and the curiosity of scientifically analyzing that phenomenon can be appreciated.
This solution focused on natural science which we believe aligns with our vision of “nature” technologies.
As a result, we think that this style of energy generation and the idea of solar power generation being in a coniferous shape overturning the preconception that panels need to be flat are very innovative.
Imagining a future world where solar cells of this type will be used both on the ground and even in space is very exciting.
We selected this proposal based on the future of its research content, its positive focus, high level of curiosity and the expectations of young scientists working hard.

Stretch-Yasan Inc.

Akira Kuwata


Japanese Honorific CHANGER [K5-Kun to Tameguchi-san]

Reason for selection
In today's globalized world learning Japanese is very difficult, and we believe the study methods available for young Japanese people and non-natives are currently inefficient.
This tool seems to be useful not only in daily life, but also in the business world if its translation function could work both ways.
At the same time, the answers this provides to current issues with translation tools and major languages are potentially endless.
We feel it will scale well if it can be developed into a smartphone application.

Sosu Co., Ltd.

Shige Koichiro


The Evolution of Brainstorming, Virtual Sticky Notes

Reason for selection
In Sosu Co., Ltd., we actively plan and develop one-of-a-kind products that have unlimited potential.
The possibility to set off a flash of personal inspiration by sharing only words or characters is ever-increasing.
We thought the concept of using a virtual sticky note to give shape to an idea without regard to place or time was quite wonderful.


Minori Manabe


HITORIMO-ZEN- A window into experiencing the scent of the sun, made in combination with electricity and a mainspring

Reason for selection
In our discovery for technology that shines brightly,, the third major "ware" ranking after "hardware" and "software", has been found. "Feelware," which uses sensitivity to make full use of the five senses, creates a new "sensibility creativity." This is a "feelware" proposal that combines the five senses and technology in order to create a scent that brings back old memories. We support the implementation of this updated "Hitorimo"!

Tao, Inc.

Mizuki Matsui


SPELL MASTER: Transforming 'English learning' to 'magic learning' by using magic circles

Reason for selection
SPELL MASTER holds the secret to bringing out the natural adventurous spirit and whimsical minds of children while showing the potential to improve the English ability of non-native adults who carry their own dreams of using English. Furthermore, it's a never-before-seen magician's tool.

Nextwel lnc.

Naoto Sato, Yoshiharu Ohtsuka, Rion Horiguchi, Kokoro Matsuda, Cho Yo


Aiming to solve the issues with popularization of myoelectric prosthetic hands by using microphones for virtual myolectric prosthesis and highlighting their application.

Reason for selection
As technology has developed, there are more and more technologies that aid those with disabilities, so much so that the feeling of disability is progressively alleviating. However, the current situation is that many of these technologies are financially infeasible for the consumer. This type of rehabilitation was selected as it is a proposal to eliminate any loss of opportunities felt by physically handicapped children who have lost hope due to financial or motivational limitations.

FreeStyle, Inc.

Yusuke Kawamura


Heartwarming Button

Reason for selection
We empathize with the sentiment that went into naming this project.
With ideas connected to the contributions and prospects of ICT-related welfare fields, this is a high-quality system even from the viewpoint of Normalization.
Once this has been put to practical use, we expect that many "heartwarming moments" will be born, and for that we will support this idea!

Mirai Works Inc.



AI-CON, an AI Contract checking service

Reason for selection
We provide professional human resources options/employment styles such as freelance, side jobs, career changes, re-employment, etc. These various options contribute to our mission of creating an environment for employees to actively succeed in their most comfortable professional style.
If you work independently or as a side job, the contract procedure has to be completed by yourself. AI-CON offers a simple solution to those not well-versed in the law and can help understand any associated risks of a contract. We feel that it is a service that supports professional human resources.

2018 Generation Award Winners

■ Category Awards

① Seeing something in a new way



A service that measures "viewing quality" instead of TV ratings

Reason for selection
Introducing a human body recognition algorithm that can visualize the true nature of a viewer's response, as well as taking on new technology and mechanism collaborations.

② Hearing something in a new way

Kazuhiro Nakadai


A drone that uses sound to detect the location of someone in need of rescue -Technology that can help rescue people quickly in the event of a disaster-

Reason for selection
There are many different ways to use drones to provide assistance during disasters, but this focuses on drones' weak point, "sound," and proposes a new approach to improve it.

③ Concerning Touch

Team 7 from N High School Ochanomizu Campus


Biological Park where you can touch extinct animals using MR (mixed reality)

Reason for selection
Combining MR technology and the sense of touch, they proposed the idea of trying to touch something that does not have a physical presence. There could be extensibility that could be applied to simulation in future innovation.

Takaoka Naoka


Qoobo: A cushion therapy robot with a tail

Reason for selection
A new approach at implementing a healing effect by limiting focus on the "tail", by using touch and sight. She's working on this idea as well making it into a business.

④Concerning Smell

Scentee Inc.


World's first next-generation room diffuser with AI technology

Reason for selection
Communicating with the sense of smell, which has long been forgotten in human civilization, has been revitalized in a new form by combining everyday smartphones with AI technology.

⑤Concerning Taste

Kenta Nakamura


Anytime, anywhere, forever: an IoT platform service where anyone can enjoy alcohol for a lifetime

Reason for selection
Contributions to society can be made by analyzing the sensation of "drunkenness" from various angles using sensing technology and applying it to the real world. It can also be applied to evaluate taste.

⑥Delivering something somewhere

KOKUYO Co., Ltd.


"Homework Motivational Pen (tentative)," IoT stationery to help children's writing habits.

Reason for selection
Combining the "pen," a tool used by scholars since long ago, and the action of "writing" with communication technology, it's expected that children can be independently encouraged to take on the challenge of writing by themselves.

⑦Widely Expanding

Teruaki Tsubokura


Fantasy diorama

Reason for selection
By expanding upon "playing with cars," something every small child has experience with, the further fostering of their creativity is possible.

⑧Change Time

Hideyuki Hosaka


Field printer

Reason for selection
In order to provide a solution to the stress of white line marking that many of us may have experienced as a kid, at first glance what seems like a waste of technology comes to be realized as the cornerstone of this technology's development.

⑨Reach New Heights

Ryman Sat project


Activities to expand space development from a new angle, even without specialized knowledge or technology related to space development

Reason for selection
We appreciate the efforts as an example of being able to take on space development even if you are not an expert

⑩Connecting something/somewhere/someone

Genetec Corporation


"Kokodayo" (I'm here) a disaster prevention application that delivers the latest family location information in conjunction with emergency earthquake bulletins.

Reason for selection
By combining location and weather, it is able to accurately collect information in the event of a disaster and connect to a partner in the event of an emergency.

■Special Corporate Awards from our Cooperative Partners

IACE Travel Inc.

Masahiro Okuda


IT concierge service that connects Muslim travelers with the region using images

Reason for selection
While the number of foreign visitors to Japan continues to grow, there are still many challenges when considering sustainable growth. We appreciate that these winners are using IT to eliminate the information gap among Muslim tourists that have not yet gotten used to the surrounding area.
Through this service, we hope that many Muslim travelers will experience the charm of Japan and become repeat visitors.

Access Trade Center Co., Ltd.

Kazuhiro Nishida


Promote health in the VR world

Reason for selection
Because health promotion is an important issue, there is a tendency to use more advanced technologies.
The technologies listed here are currently cutting-edge. Since they are in the mainstream of technological innovation, we can expect them to expand their uses and derive new technologies in the future.

Willer Inc.

Shuhei Sato


Women-only seats on airplanes

Reason for selection
The fact that "female-only seats" in the aviation industry has not been addressed is surprising. This proposal is based on the concept of "creating innovation through mobility". As a company that promotes solutions to customer issues, we sympathize with people all over the world who have "I wish I could..." feelings.

HRK Co., Ltd.

ROX Inc.


AI development for predicting the number of visitors

Reason for selection
If visitor forecasts are to become a reality, approximately 2.842 million tons of food waste and 6.46 million tons of food loss annually will be drastically reduced and the appropriate allocation of human resources (such as part-time workers), and significant cost cuts are expected. This is a dream-like idea that can be used to further expand the floating costs into an investment for expansion.

S&B Foods Inc.

Erika Inoue


Net recipe commercialization project

Reason for selection
While studying UGC-based marketing within the department, she came to the examination as a co-sponsoring company of this program and proposed that "consumers have a lot of menus they want to commercialize, but they do not how to." Recognizing that the dice were thrown at our company, we decided to create a place for commercialization based on UGC and received the S&B Award.

NTS Corporation

Takuya Mizoguchi


Text Emotion!

Reason for selection
Originating in Japan, 'Emoji' is derived from Japanese words for picture (e) and character (moji)
Although text messages tend to be inorganic; the convenient "Emoji", which displays expressions and feelings while creating a fun atmosphere, is now commonly used around the world.
Text Emotion!, like "Emoji", is expected to be used worldwide as a tool to convey emotions not only limited to Japan.

NTT Data Corporation

Melody International Co., Ltd.


Giving peace of mind and safety to new mothers giving birth around the world! “Melody i” i”

Reason for selection
A solution that delivers safe and secure births to mothers around the world has been implemented with easy-to-use devices. We selected this because we strongly empathize through our company's philosophy of contributing to society as a whole through user-friendly systems.

FM Osaka Co., Ltd.

Ai Hiramatsu


Save time! Time killing app

Reason for selection
Various apps are automatically installed and lined up on the smartphone screen.
The AI manages and proposes effective usage at that time.
It would be convenient to have an app like this.
Radio, YouTube, music, and laughter all in one app...
An era like this will be coming soon.

Obun Printing Co., Ltd.

Yuji Fujii


Possibility of language learning for hearing-impaired children by making captions for commentary broadcasts for the visually impaired

Reason for selection
Obun Printing Co., Ltd. is developing new solutions that will expand the quality of life for the visually impaired and other people with disabilities.
We thought that the "possibility of language learning for hearing-impaired children by making captions for commentary broadcasts for the visually impaired" could be a learning method with new possibilities. Therefore, we wanted to support this service.

Catalyna Co., Ltd.

Takako Yamada


IoT ☆ Nose Glasses

Reason for selection
Targeting odor problems that are difficult to directly tell someone, such as cigarettes or age-related body odors, I want to use the party favor "nose glasses" (Groucho glasses), not only to get a big laugh but to support gutsy ideas with practical functions using IoT.

Karada Note Co., Ltd.

Shota Kawahara


Mental control using heart sounds

Reason for selection
In line with our vision to support family health and increase smiles, we sympathized with the discovery of improving the state of mental health with heart sounds.
Controlling the mental state of mind using heart sounds is likely to be used in the area of childcare x technology = “Childcare Tech”, which we advocate and are looking forward to.

Kubireya Co., Ltd.

Xenoma Inc.


e-skin: IoT clothing that can track user movements with the comfort of ordinary clothing

Reason for selection
Kubireya Co., Ltd. supports healthy and high-performance living through training and body care.
The smart apparel "e-skin" will be a strong ally of next-generation health and rehabilitation management. We hope this idea can be realized, and so we support it.

CGL Inc.

Norihiko Omiya


Visualization of donations (traceability)

Reason for selection
Donation activities in Japan are not as advanced as in Europe and the United States due to the lack of tax incentives and the lack of religious donations.
We are backing this proposal for the purpose of promoting interest in donations.
To achieve this, we will award this proposal because it seems possible to collaborate with new technologies such as blockchain and IoT.

Sosu Co., Ltd.

HA-PPY Co., Ltd


Smart electric toothbrush

Reason for selection
Sosu Co., Ltd. develops new products that can be enjoyed with interchangeable parts.
The idea of being able to look inside your mouth at places you can't see by yourself while brushing your teeth is both practical and fun.
We thought that this toothbrush would add a sense of accomplishment and pleasure to brushing and would improve both tooth health and whiteness.

Time World Co., Ltd.

Takao Tsuchiya


Dry cell battery operated air conditioner

Reason for selection
Time World Co., Ltd. is the first manufacturer in Japan to manufacture oxygen capsules which have become well known amongst athletes.
The best effect of oxygen capsules is that if you sleep in an oxygen capsule for 2 hours, it will have the same effect as sleeping for 5-6 hours.
We support this idea as we hope that air conditioners that operate on dry cells can be easily brought into oxygen capsules.

DaVinci-Brains Inc.



Sake cup that recalls the memory of sake (Taste)

Reason for selection
DaVinci-Brains Inc. has discovered a new technology that can create a third ware they call "Feelware" that combines sensibility with hardware and software.
This idea was a true feelware proposal that combines the five senses and technology, the "deep emotions of re-experience".
We support the transmission that will stimulate taste memories to the world!

Medical Corporation Welfare Association Takasu Hospital

Jiksak Bioengineering Co., Ltd.


Challenge to eliminate ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis)

Reason for selection
ALS, one of the designated intractable diseases, has a high incidence in the elderly, and the number of patients has increased 3.7 times in the past 30 years and is expected to increase in the future. With the aging of society going forward, the award is given to improve ALS awareness and to support the success of researchers who are working to develop therapeutics for ALS.

Takara Tomy Arts Inc.

Shingo Higashi


Hole leading to Brazil

Reason for selection
The Takara Tomy Arts Award has been selected based on the idea of making the life scene fun. The "Hole leading to Brazil" sympathizes with the eccentric and fun idea of digging a whole to the other side of the earth in everyday situations, as well as giving a prize for evaluating the ability to create a device.

T-Gaia Co., Ltd.



Pokke: A multilingual audio guide app

Reason for selection
T-Gaia Co., Ltd. operates a mobile phone shop and a smartphone accessory shop and provides a settlement service business.
As the number of foreign visitors to Japan has surged and the demand for inbound tourists has increased, they were selected because this project could solve both the problem of insufficient interpreters and tour guides at once.

Knowledge Capital

Haruhiko Shirai


Wearable power generation sensor fabric

Reason for selection
This led to sensing technology that could contribute to the realization of a smart city in the future.
The reason for the selection was that further development and demonstration experiments are expected through collaboration with Knowledge Capital and participating companies.

Nihon Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Eiichiro Honma


Interpreter volunteer discovery application using beacon technology

Reason for selection
We think this is a groundbreaking idea that uses a technically established beacon to easily connect those who need it with those who want to.
There are many issues, but we decided to select one because it was a fun project to be put into practical use for the latest 2020 Olympics.

Research Institute for the Future of Society (RIFJ)

Spectee Co., Ltd.


Spectee: a SNS real-time bulletin service

Reason for selection
A service that uses AI to automatically collect images, videos, and texts from accidents and disasters, etc., It is highly public, innovative, practical, and has a high potential for future development.
We also chose it as a system that could have collaboration with the policy information analysis system provided by Japan Mirai Lab.

Nextwel Co., Ltd.

Madoka Takahara


Possibility of distance education to expand freedom and improve the quality of life for physically disabled people

Reason for selection
Nextwel Co., Ltd. operates welfare web media and outsources work to people with disabilities nationwide to change the current situation with an average monthly income of 15,000 yen for those with disabilities.
It seems that many people will be able to fulfill their desires to “work” and “connect with others”: the creation of a system where disabled people provide value to the world and more people become taxpayers. We look forward to the future potential for innovation and support this proposal.


Shinko Shoji Co., Ltd.


"AIplay-Info", a contactless future interface

Reason for selection
It is an innovative technology related to human touch, similar to the Information Revolution relation to human perception, because it is filled with a sense of the future and has infinite possibilities.

Freestyle Inc.

Vivid Garden Co., Ltd.


Tabe Choku: a marketplace where you can buy organic produce directly from farmers

Reason for selection
Although organic vegetables are more expensive than ordinary vegetables, their sales and shipments are increasing year on year because they are simple and nutritious.
Under such circumstances, the service "Tabe Choku", which allows you to directly connect with the farmers and ship the vegetables harvested the same day in the shortest time, is attractive and we are convinced that it will be useful to more people in the future.

FURYU Corporation

MINT Co., Ltd.


mjnt: An app that gives unique "points" to users to express gratitude and automatically distributes them according to the actions of the fans

Reason for selection
FURYU operates a specialty store for print stickers called “Girls Mignon”.
While creating a store that customers would like to go to, we sympathized with this work, which deepened the relationship between the point issuer and customers. Issuance of points by an ID that takes into account not only urban areas but also local areas was one of the deciding factors for selection.

Mirai Works Co., Ltd.

Grooves Inc.


Skill Shift: Local Contribution Sideline Project

Reason for selection
As a "company that promotes new ways of working," we provide business matching services and job change support for freelance professionals. Many of the projects are specialized in “upstream processes” such as planning, research, analysis, etc., and there is something that is similar to the world view of “SkillShift”. Many of the registrants of our main service, "", are highly interested in regional revitalization. We felt that this project was a highly contributing project for the future of Japan, connecting such talented human resources with local companies. Increasing the choice of working styles plays an important role even in the labor shortage, which is a problem in Japan. It is important, and expected, to spread the idea of "full-time permanent employees" and expand the range of "new working styles".

Maincast Inc.

Ridilover Inc.


Providing a “journey” to discover social issues

Reason for selection
Our company holds events for dogs with the slogan “Let's play all day with dogs”.
Recently, the number of pet owners who want to contribute to society with their beloved dogs is increasing, and we often hear them saying "while having fun with your dog".
By combining the ideas of Ridilover, we felt the possibility of realizing that idea.

2017 Generation Award Winners

■ Category Awards

1.Information Communication


Loss prevention tag "MAMORIO"

Reason for selection
A product that has been put into practical use through crowdfunding. Information is updated when users pass by each other. The service that as the number of users increases, the network becomes more effective and items become easier to find is also an attractive point.

Karin Ikeda

Heaven Now

Reason for selection
The handling of personal digital devices and service accounts after death has been debated in recent years. These are called "Digital Artifacts" and "Digital Wills" and are becoming problematic. The value of representing the person's death with the light nuance of "Heaven Now" instead of a negative, heavy representation is both nice and modern.


Not applicable



3. Medical

Toshiya Sueoka

Development of a "stress reduction tool" that creates a "third eye" by technology using an "overhead projection method"

Reason for selection
Research being conducted on ways to solve stress scientifically, not as a matter of emotion, is approaching realization. It is hoped that using such an approach to reduce stress will become common in the future.

4. Education

Yūho Gotō

A mobile children's day care center

Reason for selection
A new form of day care center for preschoolers has been proposed that will lead to countermeasures against the declining birthrate and reform our way of working. In order to create this, facility management and user management using ICT are essential. The hurdle for realization is likely to be high, such as the need for legal maintenance, but we hope to continue to work toward this realization.

5. Primary industries such as agriculture, fishing and forestry and distribution

WaterCell Inc.


Reason for selection
An effective means to record and save farming experience in a form that can be easily shared with successors. We rate it highly because its easy-to-use interface is like a virtual game, which is good for younger farmers.

6. Security

Power Elec Co., Ltd.

IoT monitoring outlet "WiFi-Plug"

Reason for selection
In addition to monitoring, the power can be switched off remotely. In the future, by linking with AI speakers, it has the possibility to become the main device used for home automation.

7. Sensing Data

Waseda University Iwase Laboratory

Electrical wiring that self-repairs disconnections

Reason for selection
To eliminate the all-too-common problem of a broken cable, research is being conducted to automatically repair the disconnection. This seems to have a wide range of applications while also having economical advantages, such as reduction of maintenance costs and effective use of resources.

8. Radio waves and their effective use

Takenori Hirose

Solving social issues by combining the effective use of radio waves, radio waves with different characteristics, and communication technologies

Reason for selection
Research is being conducted into ways to improve the level of hospitality for foreign tourists, which is already a problem, as well as to provide the appropriate information in the event of a disaster. In the future, various solutions will be proposed but if the approach of combining broadcasting and communication is properly created, it will have a large impact.

9. Audio and Video

Kanda Giken Co., Ltd.

VR Battleship Yamato

Reason for selection
Currently, production is continuing while the funds are being collected through crowdfunding. A strong passion can be felt not just for battleships such as the Yamato, but for things like advanced 3D modeling technologies to reproduce the railway lines or simply giving as many people as possible a memorable VR experience.



Not Applicable


11. Disaster Prevention

Eiichiro Honma

Countermeasures against using smartphones while walking - Disabled person approaching alert

Reason for selection
People walking while using smartphones are hard-to-avoid obstacles for visually impaired people. We feel presenting a system as a solution rather than just making people aware is realistic.

12. Distribution

Setouchi Kamome Project

Kamomezu (Activities for solving regional issues concerning logistics and medical problems using drones)

Reason for selection
Demonstration experiments using drones to solve issues in remote islands and mountainous areas are being conducted. The findings obtained from these demonstrations can be extended to other similar regions. We want to support this as a practical example of solving problems using technology.

13. Robot/AI (Artificial Intelligence)

TEPCO Holdings, Inc., Zenrin Co., Ltd.

"Drone highway" is a concept that creates a three-dimensional map and supports safe drone flight

Reason for selection
Expectations are high for drones as a means of transporting goods in the event of a disaster or emergency, but there are various restrictions on actually flying them. To realize safe and high-speed transport of goods, not only will the development of hardware on the drone side will be necessary, but using that hardware in combination with data about permissable airspaces will present a more practical solution.

Saji Yoshihiro

Disaster prevention robot that makes full use of drones

Reason for selection
To aid in disaster recovery, a robot that acts on the ground works together with a drone that takes aerial photography in order to observe the situation and determine the best course of action for the robot on the ground. We believe there is value in researching this method.

14. IoT (Internet of Things)

Yusuke Kimura

Training sharing platform "Share Training"

Reason for selection
To improve soccer's technological finesse, a service has been developed to reduce the burden on volunteer coaches and provide optimal training regimes. Practice methods are shared, and by evaluating them, the optimum practice method can be narrowed down. We want to acknowledge the benefits this network service brings to the world of sports.

15. Apps

Tomohiro Kiguchi

A calendar app that fills up your schedule

Reason for selection
Although there are services out there that have AI examine the contents of an e-mail and automatically set up meetings from it, we believe ideas like this schedule management service that fill up your personal downtime will become more commonplace in the future. We want to acknowledge ideas that can sense such a future.

16. Other fields that the executing agency did not concieve

Mizuhito Terashima

Small electric mobile vehicle that can run on snow - Cueboard

Reason for selection
New transportation methods to improve the lives of those in heavy snowfall areas have been developed and will soon be ready for use. For public roads, it would be necessary to revise traffic laws, but with ski resorts and other leisure facilities this can be put into practical use immediately as a new leisure activity.

■Special Corporate Awards from our Cooperative Partners

IACE Travel Inc.

Kenta Toshima

Overseas travel VR experience for the elderly

For the aging society of elderly people who are unable to go outside, this broadcasting service will allow them to be sent around the world as a simulated experience, giving them the ability to revisit memorable places from the past. For example, they might visit their old honeymoon vacation spot, or take a look at what their hometown looks like now. This service makes these requests possible.

Access Trade Center Co., Ltd.

Junichi Miyagawa

Creating a new style of evacuation drill that connects schools and communities

Reason for selection
The reason we agreed with the proposal is because in the event of a possible major disaster, the evacuation measures centered on four locations (elementary/middle/high schools and public halls) and the roles each should play are precise and clearly defined.
It is understandable that even a generally healthy person loses the ability to make sound judgments in the event of a major disaster, and those with disabilities and the elderly are at an even greater risk.
By creating a comprehensive regional support system, public assistance can be received, rather than just relying on our own preparations or the assistance of other individuals. We feel that the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications will be very keen on this INNO-vation.

Willer Inc.

Airporter Inc.

Airporter ("same day" baggage delivery service between accommodation and airport)

Reason for selection
This proposal can solve a common problem for travelers around the world.
We hope that travelers' courses of action and communication will change and create deeper and larger varieties of experiences.
Also, we have selected a company prize for implementing our advocated "innovation through movement" concept.

S-style, Inc.

Tomoya Izumi

Recording memory

Reason for selection
株式会社S-S-Style Co., Ltd. proposes a tailor-made suit that suits the customer's image.
If this idea can be implemented properly, it will be possible to objectively review one's own past fashion and find suitable personal fashion tips.
We support this proposal, hoping that it will connect past memories to dreams of the future.

FM Osaka Co., Ltd.

Asuna Nakagawa

Recommended radio station information

Reason for selection
Although it was an idea inspired by a story heard when sharing opinions with students, recently radios are slowly disappearing from people's everyday lives. Thank you for proposition on how to promote the content of radio programs.
Selected with the expectation that it will trigger a rediscovery of the radio.

Obun Printing Company, Inc.

Takeo Corporation

Glows when rolled up! "PAPER TORCH" : A paper flashlight with an electronic circuit.

Reason for selection
Obun Printing Company, Inc. provides new solutions born from printing technology.
This PAPER TORCH is a product that greatly expands the possibilities of printing and makes you feel like you're in the future. This innovative product fuses shape and functionality to control the intensity of the light based on how the paper is rolled, and for that reason we wanted to support it.

Catalyna Co., Ltd.

Takashi Sasaki

Alternative School

Reason for selection
VR with great potential; the world of AR.
However, there are aspects that are likely to wilt.
We want to support it wholeheartedly.

QiThree co., Ltd.

Sonics Inc.


Reason for selection
QiThree co., Ltd. offers a non-bottled water dispenser "CoolQoo".
This proposal's IoT device is easy to imagine integrating with our own company's water dispenser and can be applied to various areas while remaining simple. We were also interested in the fact that the inventor did not specify the delivery method.
We support this proposal.

Guinness World Records Japan Co., Ltd. ( "town revitalization Japan" project)

Ando Susumu

Long Run, softball tournament in the tsunami-affected areas of Tohoku

Reason for selection
We felt that it was an easy-to-understand idea that both children and adults could be involved in and excited by challenges of the world.
By using Japanese wisdom and artisans and changing the project's structure, we hope that Tohoku's revival will appeal not only to Japan but also to the world.
The world's best is not just a dream. Please use this as an opportunity to build up Tohoku.

K-style Holdings Inc.

Shinya Shimojō

"SwipeVideo": A new category of third-generation, vertical free-viewpoint videos

Reason for selection
K-style Holdings Co., Ltd. has five operating companies in Japan and is focusing on the early childhood education business. If this idea is realized, it will be possible to provide a realistic view from the baby's eyes, and it will be possible to give useful tips on childcare to men who are raising children. In the future, as the need for male paternity leave is recognized, this idea has the potential to open up new opportunities with childcare.

Case Oclock Inc.

Adtron Technology Co., Ltd.

foop (IoT hydroponics interior that allows you to use a hydroponics system with a smartphone)

Reason for selection
Case Oclock Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells a smartphone case, "WAYLLY", that can be attached to glass. The possibility of enriching people's through a collaboration of this proposal's IoT technology and the company's smartphone cases is exciting. We support this idea with the hope of developing IoT technology that will enrich people's lives.

CGL Inc.

Daiki Morotomi

Artificial intelligence equipped with a learning optimization system

Reason for selection
CGL Co., Ltd. provides a variety of learning opportunities and information exchange opportunities for managers to be active in the global field. Artificial intelligence is sometimes seen as a threat to humanity, but we hope that this proposal will allow us to effectively use artificial intelligence as a good friend in learning.

Sharp Corporation

Triple W Japan Inc.

D Free: Excretion Prediction Wearable

Reason for selection
Currently, when we listen to the issues concerning nursing care facilities, we often hear about the need for excretion prediction. In this continiously aging society, we feel that this system would be very useful. Furthermore, it was also selected for the company award because it can be used in cooperation with the Robophone.

Stretch Shop Inc.

Seiji Fuwaki

Creating an educational environment for career and vocational education using VR

Reason for selection
Stretch Shop Co., Ltd. operates a full-scale stretch therapy specialty store in Tokyo. By implementing this idea, we thought that it would be easier for customers to experience the original attractiveness of Stretch using VR and comparing it with the benefit of a real Stretch. We support this proposal.

Seibu Holdings Inc.

Takenori Inomata

Real-time sports facility sharing service using IoT

Reason for selection
By building a platform that centrally manages not only in-house facilities but also facility information from local governments and other businesses, it provides an environment where people can easily engage in sports, leading to health maintenance and promotion, community formation, and regional revitalization. We were impressed by the possibility of realizing the vision “To be a company that supports the lives of customers”.

Sosu Co., Ltd.

Aya Yamaguchi

Making the shape of a woman's feet using glass shoes

Reason for selection
Sosu Co., Ltd. has launched a product related to the problems concerning women's feet under the Peroline brand.
The idea of collecting foot shape data using glass shoes and improving the shoes themselves is both fun and practical.
We wanted this idea to be realized so that many people, like Cinderella, can enjoy shoes that fit their own feet.

Takara Tomy Arts Inc.

Yousuke Miyama

Syrup: a service where you can have a festival anywhere

Reason for selection
A method of providing "fun things" that allows you to hold live events in places and times where you can not usually make sound, and monetizing them with a way of thinking that is not bound by common sense.

Tokyo Metropolitan Television Corporation

meleap, Inc.

Techno Sports HADO

Reason for selection
Not just a novel “idea and display of creativity” where you can perform special moves from popular manga in the real world, but from our company, which has been focusing on and programming for e-sports since the beginning, "HADO" has content that can be enjoyed on the TV as well as live-action entertainment. We felt this embodies the INNO-vation of e-sports.

Knowledge Capital

Takufumi Yanagisawa

Control of phantom limb pain using BMI prosthesis

Reason for selection
This is a medical care study to control the pain and enrich the lives of phantom limb patients using "BMI", a state-of-the-art technology. Presentations and collaborations with other participants are expected for further development in the future.

Japan Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Novars, Inc.

Dry cell batteries to communicate "MaBeee"

Reason for selection
The concept that an IoT product can be created simply by attaching "MaBeee" to a battery-powered product is wonderful, and by using a smartphone application, the product can be controlled with a smartphone, which is extremely excellent. We look forward to further evolution in the future.

Nextwel Co., Ltd.

RouTrekNetworks Inc.

"Zero Agri": A next-generation nutrient solution soil cultivation system

Reason for selection
Nextwel Co., Ltd. supports people with disabilities using welfare and WEB as keywords. Currently, “farming coordination” that links agriculture and welfare is being promoted but by using this plan, welfare staff are likely to create a system that is easy to systematize. We are looking forward to its potential for application beyond the framework of agriculture to the whole living world.

Human Academy Co., Ltd.

Rikuto Seki

Mind maintenance AI robot

Reason for selection
The kind-hearted idea that "a robot that brings healing and a positive mind to humans" is created based on your own experiences makes it easy to imagine and realize the potential of coexistence between humans and robots.

FURYU Corporation

Tatsuo Nakagawa

Automatic skill evaluation system for makeup

Reason for selection
Since we have been supporting women's “cuteness” through print seal machines, this technology that makes women more cute and happy by quantifying the quality of makeup really resonates with us. The aspect that the quality of “cute” can be quantitatively expressed and evaluated is excellent.

Mirai Works Co., Ltd.

Mamoru Iwabuchi

Lucky Clock App

Reason for selection
As a company that provides a place where new work styles and "free selection of time" freelance can play an active role, we felt this Lucky Clock was created to spread our company's ideas of "a good sense and balance of time," "if you can think it you can do it," and "living a more happy life by increasing your favorite times" to the world.

MODE, inc.

Hiroya Katō

Development of IoT Container and Web Service for Real-time Tracking of Package in Logistics

Reason for selection
In addition to taking on problems with package delivery.
He has taken the first step with a startup-like approach by making concrete proposals and prototypes using IoT technology.
We would like support for MODE by providing a data collection solution from the real world, which will reduce costs and labor.

Mobile Internet Capital, Inc.

Lee Obashira

An Automatic Human Body Image Correction System Based on Deep Learning - Enhancing a Person with Natural Human Body Image Correction Technology

Reason for selection
The AI developed by the proposer has excellent image recognition, and its applicability has been enhanced by three technologies: "breakdown technology of intelligence", "big data handling technology", and "cloud & client-side learning technology". We evaluated it based on its ability to respond to customers' diverse needs.